Zoltan Grundy
Full Name

Zoltan Grundy



Date of Birth

c. 1972


CEO of Z-Tech

Eye Color


Hair Color



Mother (separated)
Grandmother (deceased) (drowned in a large cup of cocoa)


Chyna Parks (1986 Prom Date in a dream)
Tina Cosetti (ex-girlfriend)


Chyna Parks (friend and mentor), Olive Doyle (friend and mentor), Fletcher Quimby (friend and mentor), Paisley Houndstooth (friend and employer) and Angus Chestnut (friend and mentor)




Z-Tech Prodigy School

First Episode


Last Episode

"the new york experiANTs"

Portrayed By

Dominic Burgess /
Joey Luthman (Teenage Zoltan)

Zoltan Grundy is a British businessman who first appears in trANTsferred. He made the school's ANTPads, the Z-Phone, and many more products that are basically the same. He creates a boarding school for the ANTs, the world's first "roomavator".

He is portrayed by Dominic Burgess.


Zoltan is a nerdy person. He is also cheerful, kindhearted, friendly, generous and a bit arrogant. Although a genius in his own right, he does show on occasion a somewhat naïve and ditzy side, such as mistaking the sound of a ringtone for the sign that angels were invading, on the other hand he can also be quite quick and sly at times, such as seeing through Winter's tricks and ironically echoing her own comments back at her. He likes sherbert and his favorite of all the sherbert flavors is the rainbow. He often is impressed by things that many people wouldn't find that impressive. He takes weekly counseling sessions, which are probably greatly needed.

Zoltan g


  • As Zoltan is a Hungarian name, it's possible he's of Hungarian descent.
  • Z-tech is an Apple parody, but the phone resembles Samsung.
  • He thinks Angus' sneeze is like angels singing, and therefore made it the text tone for all Z-phones.
  • He and his mom are separated.
  • Zoltan is worth 62 billion dollars, which he keeps in a wallet in his back pocket.
  • The teenage Zoltan has a crush on Chyna and has made a time machine, in Chyna's dream.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbert.
  • He was a child prodigy.
  • His password to the Z-Tech Database is Password.
  • Had a dog named Password.
  • Almost every A.N.T. has a Z-Phone, which he created.
  • Like Gibson, he doesn't believe in banks.
  • All of the Northern Californian Ladies give him hate.
  • He has a nephew.
  • His sister gave him a dog only if he would let him enroll her son in Z-Tech.
  • In Angus' First Movement, it is shown he is a fan of Fleetwood Mac when he is seen wearing a shirt saying 'Fleetwood Mac'.
  • He weighs 236 pounds.


Season 3


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