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"Wear Pants in Public"
Song by China Anne McClain
Venue: Parks' Residence
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Wear Pants in Public is a humourous short jingle/song in the episode PerformANTs in which Chyna sung when she is trying to convince her mom, Roxanne, that she and her friends are seeing a fake band called the Happy Fuzzy Friends.



Chyna Parks - Wear Pants In Public (Ant Farm - Lyrics China Anne Mccalin)

Sometimes it really seems like a drag,
And when your mom tells you, she sounds like a nag
But you gotta wear pants in public,
It's something you just gotta do
At home, it might be fun,
To take them off and run
But you gotta wear pants in public.


  • This song was a clear message to Angus because he doesn't wear pants at school sometimes, as seen in several episodes, such as ClarivoyANT and InfANT.
  • This was improvised by Chyna.