Bring it on pipsqueak.
— Lexi to Violet in IntelligANT

Violet and Lexi Reed



Start of relationship

Ballet DANTser

Ship Rivals

Violyna, Laisley, Volive,Lolive,Chexi, and Fiolet

This is the rivalry pairing of Violet and Lexi Reed.

Most of their encounters are not cheerful. Lexi is probably intimidated by Violet, and they really don't like each other. Since Violet does not appear in a lot of episodes there aren't many moments. 

Additional Names

  • Liolet
  • Vioxi
  • Lexolet

Vlexi Moments:

Season 1

Ballet DANTser

  • Violet dumped Lexi's lunch in her bag

    Violet and Lexi in Ballet dANTser

  • Lexi told Chyna to keep Violet away.
  • Violet and Lexi played fake football at the ballet recital
  • Violet gave Lexi a mirror as an apology.
  • Lexi told the swans to copy the lily pads meaning Lexi trusted Violet's football skills.
  • Violet felt bad about how she acted at the ballet concert and embarrased Lexi
  • Violet called Lexi Blondy

Season 2


  • They competed on opposite teams in curling
  • Lexi got mad at Violet's team saying "The janitor is on your team no fair that guy is a pro!"
  • Violet got mad when Lexi's team won
  • Lexi bragged when her team won
  • Violet did not want to lose to Lexi
  • Lexi called Violet pipsqueak.


  • They both call each other names by their appearance(pipsqueak and blondy).


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  • I knew you were trouble:Taylor Swift
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