Violet CP
Full Name

Violet Ventimillagia


Violent (by Chyna)



Resides in

San Francisco, CA


Student in the A.N.T. Program
Sports prodigy

Eye Color


Hair Color



Fletcher Quimby (crush)


Chyna Parks, Olive Doyle, Fletcher Quimby


Lexi Reed




Webster High School

First Episode

"ballet dANTser"

Last Episode

"idANTity crisis"

Portrayed By

Claire Engler

Never question my football skills ever again!
— Violet to Angus in Ballet DANTser

Violet Ventimillagia is a sports prodigy and a new A.N.T. She has a big crush on Fletcher. She is a recurring character and is known to have slight anger issues. She has unmatched strength, which gives her keen talent in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse and formerly ultimate fighting before they added "rules" about "safety". Violet is mainly known for her quick-temper, dry wit, and abrasive comments. It is most likely she never went to Z-Tech, since she never appeared in Season 3.


Violet has an aggressive, fearless, and blunt exterior. While she harbors her real feelings underneath, particularly her romantic feelings for Fletcher. Though a good person at heart, Violet's bad temper makes her quick to criti
Violet grasps Fletcher

Violet earns her nickname, "Violent", due to her fierce nature

cize and attack. It is implied, however, that she cannot control her anger and therefore, her fits of rage are involuntary.


  • Her name was once mistaken for "Violent" due to her "anger issues".
  • She is good at sports, especially ultimate fighting (although she does not participate in it anymore).
  • She has a big crush on Fletcher.   
  • She has anger issues. She thought Olive was calling her stupid and lashed out.
  • She hates it when people question her sport skills.
  • She and Lexi have a difficult relationship as seen competing at curling in the Olympics in IntelligANT.
  • Violet is the second A.N.T not to be afraid of the big kids, the first being Chyna.
  • Despite her size, she possesses unnatural strength, as she was able to smash a table and flip Darryl Parks.
  • She is shown to be a good singer/back-up singer in infANT.
  • She can sleep very comfortably on a football.
  • Both she and her actress have the smallest height of the A.N.T. Farm and the crew.
  • She seems to be the first A.N.T. not to be introduced by Gibson.
  • She stopped doing ultimate fighting because they added rules about safety.
  • Violet is probably the first ANT that doesn't call Fletcher stupid.
  • In Ballet DANTser it is revealed that Violet doesn't like the flute.
  • She gave Lexi a mirror as an apology gift.
  • She gets happy and smiles in front of Fletcher (due to her crush on him).
  • Despite her being more of a sports player, she is also interested in ballet.
  • She has a romance spot due to seeing her crush on Fletcher
  • She can turn instruments into triangles using her strength.
  • It is possible that she suffers from explosive intermittent disorder, a mental condition that includes episodes of violence and disproportionate violent retribution to even the slightest offense.
  • Violet has extreme mood swings, as shown in her first appearance when she angrily asked Chyna if she really wanted to know why she's so upset and a second later, she excitedly revealed that she had a huge crush on a "really cute boy".
  • She is similar to Lynn Loud from "The Loud House".


Season 1

Season 2


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Chyna Parks (2012-Present, Friends)

Chyna was the first person to talk to Violet on her first day of the A.N.T. program. (see Violyna)

Olive Doyle (2012-Present, Friends)

Violet is good friends with Olive (They sang together in InfANT). (see Volive)

Fletcher Quimby (2012-Present, Friends, Crush)

Violet romantically likes Fletcher, he likes her but only as friends instead he likes Chyna. Fletcher is sometimes scared of Violet also. (see Fiolet)

Lexi Reed (2012-Present, Frenemies)

On the first day of school, Violet upsets Lexi and they both ruin the Ballet Show, as seen in Ballet DANTser. They also competed against each other in curling in IntelligANT. (see Vlexi)

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