Sooooooooo last post I made a poll to see if I should make this a blog and I got...(pause for dramatic effect) all YES!

Chyna's Videos

So hey its CHYNA PARKS and I am going to share my fav videos kk here we gooooooooo,

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl

OMG obssesed with this song <3 <3

Dance Moms - Trapped - Full Dance

Dance Moms - Trapped - Full Dance

If you don't watch dance moms WATCH IT


A.N.T Farm Fletcher and Olive's Almost Kiss

Oh a my two besties are in love

That's all for now.


So my poll says that the team that will win the super bowl is THE BALTIMORE RAVENS AHHHHHHHHHHH at least the was one vote for the 49's. You know what I do NOT care because if the 49's win I can rub it in your face, whoever voted for the Ravens.

Fletcher and Olive links

Olive: Well before we start the links Chyna stop showing that video to the world its NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!

Fletcher: Olive's right it can't happen because I love you wait pretend I never typed that.

Olive: Anyway here are the links:

Our latest blog post

The last Random Cool Stuff

The latest ANTernet

Fashion by Lexi

So the fashion color 4 spring we r most excited for is...EMERALD GREEN!!!! That is such an amazing color. This is actually all I have 4 this column so BYZ 4 now.


Olive:The Brain

Fletcher:Don't call me stupid

Chyna:Music is better than art

Lexi:Better than Chyna

Violet:Call Canada


Music is better than art: Hey Folive will totally happen,wait Fletcher you love me?

Don't call me stupud:Uh no

The Brain:Idiot

Don't call me stupid:Hey don't call me stupid

The Brain:I'm not,I am calling you an idiot

Don't call me stupid:Oh then it's ok

Music is better than art:Really Fletcher

Don't call me stupid:huh

Music is better than art:Nevermind

Better than Chyna:All A.N.Ts are idiots

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