In this episode, Zoltan has just opened a new ztech store and he forces Lexi and Chyna to work for him. Then Roshon (tv show name Hudson) comes in front of Ztech and starts rapping about bad things about Zoltan so he goes inside and stays there. Chyna tries to be nice and to ask him to leave but the he was mean to her too so she got mean. Thats when Hudson said you assume everyone has a glamorous life like you. Chyna didnt know what he meant so he told her he was from the streets and walked away angrily. Thats when Olive and Flecther go to a museum and he sees a painting that is better than his and thinks he will never be as good so Olive encourages him. He paints a picture of Olive and she tries to hang it up in he museum but fails. Thats when the owner (i think she was the owner) cmes over and sees his mess and says its art for some unknown reason. Flecther and Olive go to Ztech store and the lady comes in 5 minutes after him andd offers him a scholarship in new york. Flecther turns it down and says he likes it in california with his family friends and firlfriend and he tries to put his arm around Olive but then she explains that she hopes he isnt doing it for her because she was planning to break up with him anyway. She leaves the store and he accepts the scholarship. When saying their goodbyes, Fletcher and Chyna hug and she starts crying and Fletcher wipes her tear (awww!!!) a garbage can starts crying and they realize Olive is under it. Fletcher realizes Olive only broke up with him so that he wouldnt pass this opportunity. Olive says something else and Fletcher says "love you too" (EEEPPPP!!!!!!) (too bad Olive didnt say it though but still OMG OMG OMG!!) He leaves and everyone goes back to Ztech and Hudson ends up joining.

I cant belive this is the last episode. It will be missed dearly :( If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments section below :)

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