You are awarded Zannabanna!
Zannabanna, you are awarded the Golden Award. This is from all of us to you for being awesome and hosting the nominees. You really are a great user, and thanks for everything!

Hey! I'm Zannabanna! I'm an Admin on this wiki! I have also won "Featured User". If you have any questions just ask me, or one of the other Admins! :)

I'm an admin!
Zannabanna was a Featured User on the ANT Farm Wiki!
WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
MrZimbaldi This user's Favorite Character is Mr. Zimbaldi!
Chyna season 3
My favorite character is
Chyna Parks!
My favorite character is Susan Skidmore!
I like all the
My favorite cast member is
China McClain!
America Needs TalANT 1 My favorite song is Beautiful!
Wiki Job Status Years Also
Super Hero Squad Show Wiki Admin Active March 6, 2010-present Founder
ANT Farm Wiki Admin Active May 8, 2011-present Bureaucrat
Kickin' It Wiki Admin Active June 14, 2011-present Founder
The Haunting Hour Wiki Admin Inactive October 1, 2011-October 14, 2012 -
Jessie Wiki Admin Active October 10, 2011-present -
ANT Farm Fanon Wiki Admin Active December 12, 2011-present -
The Lorax Wiki Admin Active March 11, 2012-present Founder
Hotel Transylvania Wiki Admin Active July 14, 2012-present Founder
Haunted Hathaways Wiki Admin Active July 14, 2013-present -
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