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*Jersey Style
*Jersey Style
*Dancing by Myself
*Stuck in the Middle
==Random Gallery==
==Random Gallery==

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A.N.T. Farm is so far my favorite Disney Channel show I love it


Flyna!!! This is this user's favorite Flyna moment!

I can edit out add infomation like SPAM, or add new infomation after a episode.

Please vote for me as user of the month!

Unfortuantly, I am conflicted between Flyna, and Folive.

I don't want to wiki to move :(

I don't like people that just add info and pictures that are already there, just to get points,. I say that if you go up to the top of the leadership bored, you need to add pictures or info that is not there.

I got random luck getting the 8,000th edit of the wiki badge...

My Userboxes


WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!
Chyna season 3
My favorite character is
Chyna Parks!
Olive Doyle 3
My favorite character is
Olive Doyle!
Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby
My favorite character is
Fletcher Quimby!
My favorite character is Gibson!
Paisley Houndstooth
My favorite character is Paisley!


My favorite episode is StudANT Council!
My favorite episode is ReplicANT!
My favorite episode is PhilANThropy!
My favorite episode is FraudulANT!
MutANT Farm 19
My favorite episode is MutANT Farm!
IgnorANTs Is Bliss 1
My favorite episode is IgnorANTs Is Bliss!
America Needs TalANT
My favorite episode is America Needs TalANT!
Ant farm you're the one that i wANT
My favorite episode is You're the One That I WANT!


China Anne McClain Calling All The Monsters Album Cover Art My favorite song is Calling All The Monsters!
Chyna Parks My Crush My favorite song is My Crush!
ManagemANT 17 My favorite song is Unstoppable!
D3oi0a5e My favorite song is Gibson Go Away!
Cameron Parks Space Cadet My favorite song Space Cadet!
America Needs TalANT 1 My favorite song is Beautiful!
Jersey Style My favorite song is Jersey Style!


Fhsdufsdhfu This user ships Flyna!
Lexi and cameron This user ships Clexi!
Flolive This user ships Folive!
ClairvoyANT17 This user loves Cholive!
Pexi This user loves Laisley!
Chake25 This user ships Chake!
281648 267755413240716 198636160152642 1327122 6181303 n-1- This user ships Jierra!
Jafenie2 This user loves Jafanie!


My favorite cast member is
China McClain!
My favorite cast member is
Jake Short!
My favorite cast member is
Stefanie Scott!


SciANTsFair2 This user watches High Heels High!
America Needs TalANT Logo This user watches America Needs Talent!
I hope your birthday is as happy as a gooses wings are flappy on this day your dad became a pappy I hope your buns don't get a slappy!

Favorite A.N.T. Farm Pairings

My fav to least fav episodes and why

America Needs TalANT- All the characters are so funny, espically Gibson & Chyna.

MutANT Farm- It's just so hilarious and I feel like it's and orginal episode.

ReplicANT- A awesome Flyna episode, also hilarious and I just love Chyna's first shirt.

FraudulANT- Another awesome Flyna episode, also Zanko is hilarious.

StudANT Council- Olive is hilarious in this episode, I just love the scene after the party before Olive and Angus get into the ANT Farm.

PhilANThropy- A Gibson episode, I this episode is hilarious, and I'm glad that Gibson kept his job.

IgnorANTS is Bliss- I don't like the fact that part of it, Olive lied about happing memory loss, but a funny episode.

SANTa's little helpers- It had it's funny moments, I didn't like it that much, but I do love Darryl's subplot

Bad RomANTS- I love how Fletcher tries to be Chyna's girlfriend in this episode and plus, another Gibson Episode and I just love Wacky at the end.

The PhANTom Locker-Olive is so funny and also Fletcher is funny in this episode.

The InfomANT-So & So.

CANTonese Style Cuisine- It's Ok, not the best episode, but ok. Angus was hilarious with the food.

Slumber Party ANTics- Lexi's cruel side returns, not inviting Chyna & Olive, but all the other girl ANTs, Despite that, it was a funny episode.

ClairvoyANT-I don't really care about Camaron. But I love Space Cadet.

SciANTS Fair- I don't like the end nor the sideplot.

The ReplacemANT-I just don't like the episode.

TransplANTed- I just don't like the episode. I did until The PhANTom locker came

ManagemANT- I don't know why I hate this episode.

ParticiANTs- Lexi is so cruel justing adding Chyna to the squad and making her to have a bad chance of making it into the musical so she can't audtion. Although Gibson is hilrious.

In a chart like why here it is

  1. America Needs Talent
  2. MutANT Farm
  3. ReplicANT
  4. FraudulANT
  5. StudANT Council
  6. PhilANThropy
  7. IgnorANTs Is Bliss
  8. SANTa's little helpers
  9. Bad RomANTS
  10. The PhANTom Locker
  11. The InfomANT
  12. CANTonese Style Cuisine
  13. ClairvoyANT
  14. SciANTS Fair
  15. The ReplacemANT
  16. Transplanted
  17. MangemANT
  18. ParticiANTs

Favorite songs

  • Expectionel
  • Dynamite
  • Gibson go away
  • My Crush
  • Space Cadet
  • Unstoppable
  • Calling all the monsters
  • Jersey Style
  • Beautiful
  • DNA
  • Dancing by Myself
  • Stuck in the Middle

Random Gallery

I <3 Wacky the Wolf 05:13, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

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