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I used to be very active here. Editing every minute of every day, but now.... it's not the same. I mean it was fun and all but the fact that my good friends Celeste, Ilona, Anna, Taylor, Roquel FashionGal etc. aren't active anymore either. At least that's what I've noticed. Anyway, I already started high school and I'll drop by once or twice a month, if I'm lucky. I wish things were like they used to be. When the chat room would be full and everybody would be chatting. Like the way we used to be. I hope my friends will read this message when they can. Nothing stays the same forever. Thank you.
— Yours, Mimi

Hi, everybody here calls me Mimi. I'm a bureacrat and admin and I'm ranked 1st on this wiki, and I really like working here. This is my favorite show. I'm really happy to be working here with all of you. If you guys have any questions, about anything about this wiki, like if you are new, you can leave me a message on my talk page and I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible. Thank you! :D

What I think about the A.N.T. Farm Series

I think A.N.T. Farm is really original. It's a show that has a really great message to kids. "Small is the new big". It means you can do anything no matter who yo are. It always makes me laugh. Just by thinking about it, it makes me smile. There are a lot of quotes that I love about the show. I fell in love with it ever since the first time I watched it. Which was the premier of it right after the ending of The Suite Life on Deck which was really sad to see it end. But as I got to watch the premier of A.N.T. Farm (TransplANTed) I really enjoyed it. I love the way China Anne McClain sings. As I watched all the episodes up until IgnorANTs Is Bliss, I decided to make my own account and joined this wiki. Ever since then, I've been hard working, and always here to help! But the main reason of why I enjoy A.N.T. Farm so much, is because of Folive. I don't remember how I started to like Folive, I just did. I also love Flyna, and hope that people stop ship wars. I hate them. I've heard they have started filming season 2 of A.N.T. Farm, and we will see them as they get old. I hope they keep the shows as original as it was when it started. It is expected to see how the A.N.T.'s graduate. I wonder what will happen during the end of the show? Will any of the characters pair up? (I hope so!) I don't think I will ever change my mind of how I think about Folive. It will always be my favourite ship on the show :D

Friends On This Wiki

These are the people I call friends :D

  • Flyna4eva (Celeste) - I've known her even before she made her account :) We have a lot in common. I've been helping her out with her problems, and she would do the same for me! We always give each other great advice, shes always there for me, and we chat a lot! :P Lol!
  • Ilona:) (Anitsyn) - Is a really great friend. We as well have a lot in common. :D
  • Livetosinger (Alexis) - I've known Alexis for a really long time, shes always been really supporitve, and a really awesome friend! :D
  • Flynalover (Taylor) - We are really good friends, shes a really nice person. I've known her since I made my account. We have a lot of stuff in common, we chat a lot, and shes really funny :)
  • Prettybaby (Anna) - Shes a really great person, really nice. We often chat and shes really supportive to me :D Shes one of the first people I've met when I joined this Wiki.
  • Cylover (Roquel) - Was actually the first person that I've ever chatted with on the A.N.T. Farm Wiki chat. We chat sometimes and shes a really great friend :D

Add yourself if you want! :D

A.N.T. Farm Cast

My Favourite Characters

Olive Doyle 3
My favorite character is
Olive Doyle!
Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby
My favorite character is
Fletcher Quimby!
Chyna season 3
My favorite character is
Chyna Parks!
Lexi Reed 3
My favorite character is
Lexi Reed!
Paisley Houndstooth
My favorite character is Paisley!
My favorite character is Cameron Parks!
My favorite character is Gibson!

My Favourite Main Characters

My favorite cast member is
Jake Short!
My favorite cast member is
China McClain!
My favorite cast member is
Sierra McCormick!
My favorite cast member is
Stefanie Scott!
My favorite cast member is
Carlon Jeffery!

I Ship...

Flolive This user ships Folive!
I am all for
ParticipANTs6 This user supports the Flyna friendship!
Choletcher 2 This user loves Choletcher!
Lexi and cameron This user ships Clexi!
I am all for
281648 267755413240716 198636160152642 1327122 6181303 n-1- This user ships Jierra!
I am all for

My Favourite Episodes

SANTa's Little Helpers 1
My favorite episode is SANTa's Little Helpers!
Ant farm you're the one that i wANT
My favorite episode is You're the One That I WANT!
ManagemANT 13
My favorite episode is ManagemANT!
Ant farm performANTs
My favorite episode is PerformANTs!
My favorite episode is TransplANTed!
My favorite episode is ParticipANTs!
Bad RomANTs This user's favorite episode is Bad RomANTs!
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