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  • I live in my own world.
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is trying to be somebody.
  • I am doing my best, honestly.


By PerfectDisasters


I am all for
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All About Me

Hai! Call me Jess. Or, if you like online names more, Jemjem. Im a Chinese girl who's all for romance. It's not really in my genes, guess its just my own thing. When I'm open to you, I can get pretty hyper. Otherwise, just think of me as the girl who annoys all her best friends by shipping stuff.


  • Black/Brown hair, chest level, straight
  • Brown eyes. My vision sucks, so I have to wear night contacts.
  • Caramel-ish skin, yellow undertone, slightly oily. :P
  • Slim/Skinny. Let's just say I'm picky.
  • Average height for my age.


  • Color: Lilac
  • Food: Buffalo Chicken Wings, yum.
  • Drink: Can't survive w/o Lemonade!
  • Pet: Dog
  • Animal: Snow Leopard
  • Subject in School: MG
  • Hobby: Drawing Anime, watching YouTube, or writing Fanfiction
  • Design: Zebra Stripes
  • Sport: Don't really have one, not exactly sporty. :P
  • Song: Take Back the Night - TryHardNinja

Main Checklist

  • Folive
  • Brase
  • Speddy
  • Tynka
  • Phinbella
  • Jalex
  • Auslly


  • Jierra
  • Killy
  • Raura
  • Delena
  • Kella


  • This is the section that will never be fully complete. I'll always add to it.
It's easy to defeat someone. Very hard to win someone.
— Unknown

It can be strange when a ship is your first priority sometimes. But it makes sense in a way. The Captain is like the Creator. He is boss, choosing what happens. The navigator is like the director, important but under the control of the Captain. The rest of the sailors are writers, under control of both the navi. and the director. There is a boy and a girl, both royales, being the main people onboard other than crew. The maids, ladies in waiting, and such are their friends. The other characters. Lastly, the rest? They are us, the audience. Completely in suspense sometimes, yet their hopes are high.
— Myself/Jema10


"I, Folive shipper of "ANT Farm", do solemly swear to do my best to stick with my Folive family, no matter what happens, no matter when "ANT Farm" ends. I pledge my fellow shipping to Folive and my fellow Folive family to stay true to this ship and to be a part of this family for as long as I possibly can. I will share my Folive spirit, my Folive joy among other Folivers, but I will not be disrespectful to other ships. I will support Folive in any way can, from gazing at a picture of the two of them or fangirl over a hug they share. Overall though, I will remain a Foliver no matter what, and guarantee myself that they are truly meant to be. I will stay loyal, faithful and affectionate towards this ship and believe in them for infinity and beyond."
— Folive Shipper Pledge

All must remember that the mightiest bull was once a baby calf.
— <3

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