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I want my Dixie-cup back!

"unwANTed" is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. It aired on January 24, 2014.[2]


When Dixon breaks up with Olive for another girl, Chyna tries to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Lexi tricks Fletcher and Angus into turning their dorm room into a personal walk-in closet. At the end, Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek and start their new relationship.







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  • This was the only episode of A.N.T. Farm that aired in JaNEWary 2014 on Disney Channel.
  • This episode aired three weeks and three days after China Anne's announcement on Twitter that the third season is the final season.
  • Dixon and Olive break up in this episode.
  • This is Dixon' last appearance.
  • Zoltan Grundy doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Olive gets her heart broken.
  • Chyna uses the term "Dorian Banister" again. This person also exists, but Chyna was outed by Oksana.
  • This is the first time Kennedy/Kumiko was mentioned since she was exposed in FinANTial crisis.
  • Fletcher and Olive kiss for the first time and officially start dating.
  • in this episode Olive called Dixon 'Dixie cup', which is a brand of cups and Chyna told Olive she should probably be a Solo cup for a while, which is also another brand of cups.
  • This episode aired on March 24th, 2014 in the UK.
  • This episode aired as a special A.N.T. Farm marathon on February 14th, 2014 in Canada.
  • This episode aired on April 22nd, 2014 in Australia.


Look at her, she' s an unhappy meal
— Olive
Why would a spy EVER need to look like a hamburger?
— Chyna
Hey Olive.
— Fletcher
Hey Fletcher, did Chyna send you up here to talk to me?
— Olive
No, I-I haven't seen Chyna I was just driving to Canada on a fake talking car.
— Fletcher
Eh, that's nice.
— Olive
What? You're not gonna make fun of me or call me stupid? What's wrong?
— Fletcher

Olive: Nothing, you wouldn't understand... Relationship problems... I got dumped.

Fletcher: I know how you feel. I was dumped recently too. By Kennedy. You're going to go through some phases. First, you're going to feel like a total loser.

Olive: Then what?

Fletcher: I don't know, I've been stuck in this phase for a while. (Olive laughs)

Olive: Thanks Fletcher, I needed that. It's not easy being alone.

Fletcher: You're not alone. Look, I know we fight all the time but, I'm always here for you.

(Olive hugs Fletcher, when they pull apart they stare at each other and Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek)

Olive: (Backing away) What just happened?

Fletcher: Your face bumped into my lips!

Olive: No! No, you kissed me and... I don't feel like vomiting!

Fletcher: Me neither, what is happening?!

"My real name, Doriana Banisterovich." ~Chyna

(Walking into ant farm) "Who wants to date Olive?" (Everyone flees the room) -Chyna