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"Turn Back the Clock"
Song by China Anne McClain
Released: July 26, 2013
Genre(s): Post-disco, dance-pop
Length: 00:45
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Turn Back the Clock is a song that Chyna sings in the episode past, presANT, and future at Teen Zoltan's prom in 1986. Chyna mentions that her mom listens to this song on Oldies 107.


Gonna hit the club tonight
Slipping on my righteous skirt,
With the bracelets on my arm,
Show the pecan on my shirt!

I'm pretty in pink,
Dressed up to the max,
Going home back E.T,
So my dad won't heartattack.

Gonna be who I am,
Yeah, totally, for sure.
'Cause no matter what you do,
Time goes by in a blur!

So turn back the clock,
I wanna rock,
Gotta party 'till I drop,
'Cause the Eighties never stop!

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