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I finally figured out where I belong.
Chyna to Darryl

"transplANTed" is the re-filmed pilot episode of the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm. It first aired as a preview on May 6, 2011, and officially aired on May 22, 2011 with the inclusion of the theme song.


Chyna Parks joins the A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talent) program at high school because she is a musical prodigy. Chyna and her ANT friends Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle find out about a school party being hosted by Lexi Reed, a popular "big kid" who's starred in every school play. Chyna decides to sign up for the musical herself. They sneak out of the house to attend the party after Fletcher makes wax copies of them. Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive accidentally ruin Lexi's party by breaking the stereo, causing everyone to turn on Chyna—including Olive and Fletcher. However, she makes things better by singing "Dynamite". When Chyna's father catches them at the party, after spotting their melted wax figures, he almost pulls Chyna out of the A.N.T. program, but later levels it down to three months of grounding.

Episode Summary[]

The episode begins with Chyna Parks and her older brother, Cameron at the high school on Chyna's


Chyna's first day

first day in the A.N.T Program Advanced Natural Talents . Cameron complains about Chyna going to his school because she's only 11. In the A.N.T. Room, Chyna meets the A.N.T. Counselor, Gibson, and makes friends with Olive Doyle, who has an eidetic memory, and Fletcher Quimby, an artist with a crush on Chyna. At that point, Fletcher asks if Chyna got her A.N.T. Pad yet, with Chyna's reply being yes, then she turns on the nap app, which puts Gibson to sleep.

At that minute, 1st period ends, and as Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher avoid the big kids walking in the

hallway, but the computer genius, Angus gets swept away in the crowd. During the next scene, in music class, Lexi Reed walks in and kicks Chyna out her chair. The teacher, Mr. Zimbaldi asks Chyna to play a song on her violin. Then in the hallway, Chyna goes to get her lunch from her locker, but the big kids come again, so Chyna and Olive hide in a nearby locker that's not hers. Olive then eats a rat inside the locker thinking it was the cupcake in Chyna's lunch. At that point, Lexi and her friend, Paisley walk by talking about a party that Lexi is throwing while her parents are on vacation. Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher deice to go to Lexi's party, to show her that they belong at the school. That night, Fletcher arrives at Chyna's house, then Olive (wearing a dress stuffed with yogurt). Officer Parks then comes in seeing Fletcher and Olive. To hide that fact that they're going to Lexi's party, Chyna says that they're acting out Pygmalion. Fletcher makes some beeswax sculptures of himself, Chyna, and Olive so they can sneak out without Officer Parks knowing, unfortunately for them, they neglected to turn off the lamp near the sculpture of Chyna.


Cholive in the locker


Cameron showing Chyna his phone

At Lexi's house, Chyna finds out that Cameron snuck out too, saying that Angus hacked the tracking device on Cameron's cellphone, saying that he was at church. Then Olive drinks some Red Viper soda, which makes her belch, and go crazy and bump into Chyna, who bumps into Fletcher, who accidentally hits the sound system, destroying it. Then Officer Parks and Gibson find the now half-melted wax sculpture of Chyna and finds out that she, Olive, and Fletcher snuck out. Back at the party, Lexi vows to make their lives at school miserable.

Chyna then sings "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz, which everyone likes.


Chyna singing

Officer Parks and Gibson arrive at the party, and Chyna and Cameron are busted for sneaking out. After everyone leaves, except for Olive and Fletcher, Lexi tells them to get out, but when Olive stomps her foot, the blueberry yogurt slides down and hits Lexi in the face. Then Olive says, "I'll text ya the deets!" and Olive and Fletcher take off running.

The next day at school, Olive and Fletcher cannot find Chyna, thinking that Officer Parks pulled her out of the A.N.T. Program, but find out that he only grounded Chyna (and possibly Cameron) for 3 months, and allowed her to stay in the A.N.T. Program. Angus comes back, saying that they gave him a pig spleen, and he is swept away in another crowd.

Memorable Quotes[]

In the Hallways

Chyna: Chyna runs in and jumps up and down Oh my gosh dad! Look at this place! Lockers instead of cubbies, drivers ed instead of kiddy bikes. Bumps into a cute boy Him instead of... what was I talking about?
Cameron: Dad, does she have to go to my high school? I mean seriously she's only 11.

Darryl: It's not Chyna's fault that she's gifted anymore than it's your fault that you're.. not.
In the A.N.T. Farm

Gibson: Oh, great. Another ant!
Darryl: Puts his hands on Chyna's shoulders Hey, what's with the name calling?

Chyna: It's okay, dad. I'm ant because I am the Advanced Natural Talent or A.N.T. Program.
In the A.N.T. Farm

Chyna: Um, are you my teacher?
Gibson: No, teachers need a degree. I'm Gibson! Your tutor, guidance counselor, and therapist all rolled up in one. I also give out licorice. Takes a piece of licorice out of his hair and offers it to Chyna

Chyna: No thanks, I had hair covered licorice for breakfast.
In the A.N.T. Farm

Chyna: Sees Fletcher holding a body Uh, sir I don't mean to alarm you or anything, but; Walks over to Fletcher this kid has a dead body.
Olive: Walks over to them It's wax. Some people make friends. Fletcher here has to literally make friends.
Fletcher: I'm an artist. As a project I'm sculpting the entire class of bee's wax.
Chyna: Smiles Well, they're beautiful.
Fletcher: You're beautiful- Sees Chyna look shocked I mean your music's beautiful.
Chyna: But you've never heard me play.

Fletcher: Yeah, I know, but you see I... Freezes like a statue as if no one can see him.
At Lexi's Party

Cameron: I gave Angus five bucks to hack the tracking device Dad put in the cellphone. Right now I'm at church Shows Chyna his cellphone.

Chyna: Points to his cell phone Oh look you just got a text from Satan; 'See you soon.'





Featured Songs[]


  • This episode is named TransplANTed, since Chyna is moved to a high school. It is unknown what school she formerly attended.
  • An earlier pilot of this episode does exist but has yet to be shown.
  • Although this is the pilot episode, it aired only as a sneak peek.
  • In the production notes, ParticipANTs is the first episode, like this episode doesn't exist.
  • Cameron was originally played by an actor named Patrick for the pilot but his role was eventually scrapped and was given to Carlon Jeffery for unknown reasons.[1]
  • This episode attracted 4.4 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • This episode was originally titled as "Pilot" in early production notes.
  • An eariler pilot for this show was filmed in August 2010[2] and was re-shot in January 2011.
  • This episode first aired on May 6, 2011, without showing the theme song. The theme song was eventually shown as a rerun on May 22, 2011.
  • Chyna is seen wearing sneakers that resembles the ones Rocky wore in the first episode of Shake It Up when auditioning for Shake It Up, Chicago.
  • Chyna's last name originally had an "s" at the beginning making it "Sparks".[2]
  • Since this is the first episode, many characters make their first appearance. This includes Chyna Parks, Olive Doyle, Fletcher Quimby, Lexi Reed, Cameron Parks, Angus Chestnut, Paisley Houndstooth, Gibson, Darryl and Roxanne Parks, and Mr. Zimbaldi.


  • When Olive first gets to Lexi's party, the yogurt in her shirt moved when she was moving around frantically. But when she was jumping around after drinking Red Viper soda, her yogurt doesn't move around.
  • Chyna's mother claims security harassed her about her battle axe. In real life bringing any kind of weapon to school is grounds for suspension, expulsion or arrest (as Chyna's father is a police officer.)
  • When Olive says "Yeah!", she puts her arms to her side, and Fletcher and Lexi jump back a bit as they see Olive's yogurt fall down, but in the next shot, they're all standing still as if they didn't see it until the yogurt splashes all over Lexi.
  • When Olive and Fletcher were talking about how Chyna was pulled out of the A.N.T. Program, Fletcher's hair was how it looked normally. Then the camera turned to a side view and his hair was gelled back, like at the party, then it went back to normal.

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