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Olive will be your new history teacher!

"the replacemANT" is the thirteenth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on September 30, 2011.


When Chyna forgets her permission slip for a field trip, the history teacher has a breakdown and quits his job. Skidmore has a hard time finding a suitable replacement, so she puts the star history pupil Olive in charge of the class. Chyna suggests her to show everyone who's in charge, but that advice quickly backfires when Olive gives Chyna and Lexi detention. Now the two rivals must team up to get rid of "Ms. Doyle". Meanwhile, Cameron accompanies Darryl in a police ride-along for a school report which doesn't go quite as planned. Then Lexi puts a bear in the classroom to scare her but principal Skidmore ends up getting attacked and fights the bear.


The episode opens with Chyna in class with her classmates waiting for their teacher to come to start class. As their history teacher comes in, he enters in riding a skateboard and wearing a helmet. He is in a cheery mood and asks his students if they are excited about the field trip next week (as he sits down, we can see on the whiteboard behind his desk the information of the field trip). The name of the museum is The Presidio. Immediately, Olive shares an interesting fact about it.





Songs Featured[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Olive: Alright class, I will need all outstanding permission slips.

Chyna: Uh, Ms. Doyle. I forgot mine again.

Olive: You forgot it? YOU FORGOT IT!?
Fletcher: Calm down Olive, you're going to hyperventilate! (holds out his arms)

Olive: Too late! (Faints, falls backward into Chyna’s arms)
Chyna: (Catches Olive in her arms) Fletcher, give me your shoe stat! (Fletcher takes off his shoe and gives it to her) Thanks. (She waves Fletcher’s shoe under Olive’s nose.)
Olive: (Gasps, coughs, then pants) Ew! Don't EVER do that again!
Chyna: You could have slept into a coma!!!

Olive: Well next time let me!!!!


  • It is revealed that the police force (in the show) has codes for discounted food offers.
  • When Olive is dressed like a queen and her students throw spitballs at her, it is similar to an event that occurred in the Disney Channel Series That's So Raven episode Ye Olde Dating Game. When Chelsea is dressed as a queen, everyone doesn't like her, so they throw paper at her.
  • It is revealed that Chyna is four months older than Olive.
  • When Chyna screams, it is a reference to Home Alone.
  • This episode premiered the same day as the premiere of Jessie.
  • Technically, what Olive did was illegal, as one needs certifications to become a teacher.


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