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"the phANTom locker" (also known as "phANTom locker") is the third episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on June 24, 2011.


The new A.N.T.s get their own lockers and Olive's is right next to Cameron's. Unfortunately, Olive annoys Cameron so much he forces her to move into Chyna's locker by saying her locker is haunted. Meanwhile, Fletcher is put in charge of painting a portrait of Principal Skidmore.

Episode Summary[]

Cameron is starting to get annoyed by Olive who has the locker right next to him. Olive embarrasses Cameron in front of his crush, showed his friends his blankie, and covered him in glitter. Cameron then asks Lexi for advice. Lexi ends up leading Cameron on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. In the next scene, Cameron is seen covered in dust and cobwebs. Olive then states that there is nothing that she is more afraid of than dust. Cameron then realizes that Olive is easily frightened and fools her into thinking that her locker is haunted. He tells her it was built on an ancient burial ground, causing Olive to move her things into Chyna's locker. After Olive drives Chyna insane, Chyna has to prove to Olive that her locker is not haunted. Chyna tricks Olive into coming to school when it's closed and spending the night in her locker to prove that it is not haunted. Cameron found out what Chyna was planning and showed up at the school. He pretended to be a leprechaun ghost to scare Chyna and Olive. Chyna recognizes Cameron's voice and tells him the jig is up. Cameron admits that he was just trying to scare Olive because she was the most annoying locker neighbor ever. Olive then moves back into her old locker. Meanwhile, Fletcher is assigned to make a painting for Principal Skidmore, but is unpleasantly surprised when it's of her dressed in a schoolgirl's outfit. He then has difficulty making her look beautiful. Chyna tells him to paint what's on the inside, but he took it the wrong way and painted Skidmore as a skeleton.

Most Memorable Quotes[]

Susan Skidmore: I would like for you to paint my portrait.

Fletcher: Will you pay me?
Susan Skidmore: Not even a compliment.

The whole point of the A.N.T. Program is so that I can take your advanced natural talents and exploit them for my own benefit. It's like a sweat shop; only we have smoke alarms. Well, I mean they're not actually hooked up, but we got 'em!
Olive: Hi locker neighbor! Just doing a little redecorating. (spills glitter all over Cameron) Oh, look! It's raining love and hugs!
Lexi: Oh Cameron, that's so cute. Is this where you keep your dollies?
Cameron: I don't have dollies. My dad threw them all away.
Olive: What the heck?!

Cameron: Something wrong Olive?
Olive: Look!
Cameron: Uh oh! Is that ghost ectoplasm all over your locker? Wasn't ghosts on the list of things you were afraid of? It was on the list right?
Olive: Yeah, but this looks like jelly.
Cameron: It's not jelly.
Olive: Smells like jelly.
Cameron: It's not jelly!
Olive: Tastes like jelly.
Cameron: It's not jelly!!
Olive: (Olive opens her locker, gasps) Go away?
Cameron: And it's written in blood.
Olive: Looks like ketchup.

Cameron: It's not ketchup!!!
Chyna: Olive, what did you do to my locker?

Olive: I rearranged everything into a perfect alphabetical filing system and made everything so much easier to find.
Chyna: Well, I couldn't find my Fruit Roll-Up.
Olive: Where'd you look?
Chyna: Under "F".
Olive: Amateur mistake. I filed it under "R" for Roll-Up comma Fruit. I assumed you wanted all your kinds of Roll-Ups in the same place.
Chyna: They only make FRUIT Roll-Ups!
Olive: Maybe they do now, but when they make Meat Roll-Ups, you'll find it right there under "R"
Chyna: Okay then, I'll look under "R"

Olive: Don't bother; I already ate it.
Fletcher: Chyna, I'm desperate. I can't paint Skidmore again. Slam this locker door on my hand.

Chyna: Okay. (slams the locker door)
Fletcher: (moves his hand out of the way) What are you doing? You're supposed to tell me that breaking my fingers isn't the answer.
Chyna: No, I honestly think this is your best option. (puts Fletcher's hand back in the locker, slams the door)

Fletcher: (moves his hand out of the way) Stop that!
Angus: (In his head) Now, what do you say to a babe like that? How 'bout, 'Hey, toots, what say I take you to San Francisco's newest hot spot? 'Cause I hear there's a wireless network station there. Ugh, that's lame. (Now speaking) Stupid!
Fletcher: (Turns around) Seriously, what did I do!?






  • This episode attracted 4.6 million viewers on its premiere night, making it the most-watched episode.
  • This is the first episode where Paisley, Gibson don’t appear.
  • Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed only appeared in two scenes of this episode.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Olive is scared of dust, disorganization, ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, leprechauns, giraffes, double-decker buses, balloons, curly fries, and birthmarks, but isn't afraid of spiders.
  • The title for this episode is also known as "PhANTom Locker".
  • This episode nearly parodies Scooby-Doo.[citation needed]
  • Cameron wasn't doing an Irish folk dance dressed as a ghost leprechaun, he was doing the "Reject."
  • A running gag in this episode is when every time someone says "stupid" Fletcher happens to be standing nearby and says "Seriously what did I do?!?".
  • In this episode, Olive has a butterfly on the back of her ANT pad. In all the other episodes it's a brain made up of different colors.


  • When Chyna was writing her note to the new kid, she mentioned that her locker number was 112, but if you look closely there are no numbers on the lockers.
  • In the last scene of the episode, it is very unlikely that a student would be painting a portrait of a teacher so late at night when school is usually closed.
  • After the scene between Chyna and Angus at her locker, if you look closely you can see Olive in the background walking toward Chyna with her lunch. Although, this scene came later on in the episode.

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