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"Sweet as a Sprinkle"
Song by Lexi Reed
Venue: America Needs Talent
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Sweet as a Sprinkle is a song that Lexi Reed performed in the episode "america needs talANT". Chyna planned for Lexi to steal it from her, so that she would make a fool of herself on the show. Donut is a pun of "Don't it". This is the second time that you hear Stefanie Scott sing on the show.


Donut make you sad, donut make you cry
When the person you love often says goodbye
I'm feeling so plain, I'm feeling old fashioned
Life's kind of stale, my days have no passion
There's a hole in my life
I've lost my twinkle
It hurts so bad, right in my sprinkle
But now I'm movin' on to better days
I'll powder my nose, I'll put on some glaze
My pain's a day old
No, I won't be a quitter
Someone will love this sweet apple fritter
It feels better now, donut?