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Susan Skidmore
Full Name

Susan Skidmore


Evil, Principal Skidmore, Old Maid, Witch



Date of Birth

c. 1960


High School Principal (formerly), Cleaning lady

Eye Color


Hair Color



Ted Taggart (two episodes)


Chyna Parks, Olive Doyle, Fletcher Quimby




Webster High School

First Episode


Last Episode

"unforeseen circumstANTs"

Portrayed By

Mindy Sterling

Susan Skidmore is a recurring character and an antagonist on A.N.T. Farm. She is the former principal at Webster High School. She is very stylish (in her opinion). She treats her students and staff like servants and henchmen. Susan Skidmore is mostly seen as a mean principal that doesn't really like the students in Webster High School. She gets fired because she lets the ANTs go and for crashing her car into the school. Susan was portrayed by Mindy Sterling.


Skidmore is shown to be quite self-serving, such as when Olive wants to join the End Hunger Today club and yelling at her to get out, so she can have the chicken wings all to herself and only thinks of herself, as well as the fact that she spends all of the school money on herself for needless things (Clairvoyant) and replacing necessary things for money. It seems that she has no idea what she truly looks like, for example, when Fletcher shows her a mirror she thinks it's a painting. She is a bit cheap due to wanting all the money, as seen in clairvoyANT. She doesn't do fundraising or any kind of charity work, because she doesn't want to give it all up. She is also exceptionally malicious and harsh to innocents, such as Olive and Gibson. An example is violently, spitefully and abusively threatening Chyna if she messed up the school speech, Chyna's tongue will get eaten by her raven. She holds no empathy, feelings or consideration for anybody except herself. She also has no moral code and is without honor. She is also a complete monster and fired Gibson so the school can have better air conditions, used the A.N.T for her own self-centered use and gain, immorally, greenly and really selfishly for her own profit and purposes (even stating this out) and ruins others happiness and doesn't care for their suffering, unhappiness or pain as well as holding an absolute disregard for their feelings, safety or lives at all. She also is completely mean-spirited and never ever wants to give her money to others and shows hostility to innocent students and staff without any pity for them. She doesn't want her age revealed, as shown in ClairvoyANT and ConfinemANT.


In ParticipANTs, she talks to Gibson when he arrives at the Activity Fair. She notices he no longer gets lost in the school, which is when Gibson shows her his GPS App, which he needs to learn Korean to use. Later, when she discovers Cameron and Fletcher's fake club, she wants in so that she can take short breaks and eat buffalo wings in a classroom which is a sign of her selfishness and greed.

In early retiremANT, Principal Skidmore retires and is replaced by Chyna and Cameron's grandmother.

In The PhANTom Locker, she has Fletcher paint a picture of her as a gift to her new boyfriend who is a politician. She thinks that Fletcher made her look like an old lady in the painting, so Fletcher makes another painting of her on a bike. Chyna tells Fletcher to paint a picture of her inner beauty instead, so Fletcher makes another painting of her skeleton. She isn't pleased, but she does like the fact that she looks skinny when Chyna points it out.

In SciANTs Fair, in a prime example of the students' hate and intolerance of her, her cell phone is stolen and she tearfully offers a $50 reward to whoever finds it. She also breaks the phone when she realizes that she can get a new, better phone for free on her warranty. All she had to do was lie and say that it was stolen or she lost it.

In ClairvoyANT, she hosts the Webster Wolf awards and keeps her style through her students antics. Also, Olive is seen whispering that, "Skidmore has too many evening gowns and no one will ask her out." Hence, the awards.

In ManagemANT, she hosts a home economics challenge for the students despite the large cost. She makes it better by modifying the original plans.

In PhilANThropy, she fires Gibson so they have enough money and funds for herself when Chyna asks about the heating/cooling system. Then Lexi who thought she was an old person attempted to take care of her because she needed an old person to back up her story, what Lexi did to her made Mrs. Skidmore inflamed. Then, in another greedy moment from her desire for riches, she fakes a phone call to a dissent line to tell them that Gibson is insignificant, unimportant and useless, so she can keep the money for herself.

In The ReplacemANT, she hires Olive as the new history teacher since the old one left (AKA jumped out the window) and they don't have enough money to hire a real teacher because the board is corrupt. She also gives her a number for emergencies, but she doesn't actually answer due to overnight management. In the end, she gets locked inside of the classroom with a bear, another sign of her students dislike of her.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, she tells Chyna and Fletcher that if Olive loses her talent, she has to go back to kindergarten when she mercifully loses her memory and it is shown that she isn't quite pleased when Olive calls her grandma.

In SANTa's Little Helpers, she tells Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to build toys that were supposedly going to an orphan shelter, but instead, she sells them online for her personal bank. After being confronted by them, she actually gives the phony toys to them as an apology.

In Body of EvidANTs, she tries to make herself look cooler with the help of Lexi.

In InfANT, she tells Fletcher, Violet, Olive, and Chyna to watch over her nephew while she goes shoe shopping.

In Detective agANTcy, she melts Chyna's Brass instruments into a statue of herself. Though Chyna kinda gets pay back because they abbreviated Respected, Intelligent, Professional into R.I.P. Fletcher thought she was just dead on the inside.

In TrANTsferred, she pretends she can't afford a good A.N.T Farm to get Zoltan Grundy to fund the school for her needs. Zoltan, however, decides to fund his own A.N.T Boarding School and takes the A.N.Ts under his wing. She admits to the A.N.Ts that she never liked any of them and leaves them with “see you in my nightmares”.

In Unforeseen circumstANTs, she is seen as a maid in a hotel after having been fired for letting the A.N.T.'s leave and crashing her car through the school. However, she enjoys her new job, because she says she gets more respect as a maid.  


  • Everybody thinks she is very old, but her age is never revealed.
  • She uses fundraiser money for her own benefits.
  • She is a part of the End Hunger Today club.
  • She has a talking dog, a raven, and a nephew.
  • She likes to use the ANT's talents for her own various purposes.
  • She is working on legally adopting the school's sports trophies, according to Fletcher in SciANTs Fair.
  • She gives out awards to students just so she has an excuse to wear her evening gowns because no one will ask her on a date, according to Olive in ClairvoyANT.
  • She has an Olympic sized pool in her office.
  • She was the false antagonist in ConfinemANT. The true antagonist was the head of the council, Mr. Battaro.
  • She has a holding cell in her office.
  • Several times, she has been called the embodiment of evil.
  • She melted Chyna's Brass instruments to create a statue of herself.
  • Paisley mispronounced her name in the ANTernet, from SkidMORE to SkidMark.
  • Her portrayer, Mindy Sterling, also portrayed Ms. Francine Briggs from iCarly and Lin Beifong from Legend of Korra. Coincidentally, they are all shown to be strict, mean, and had a position of authority.  
  • She barely remembers Olive in the third season.  


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