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Looks I tricked you into running like you tricked me..
Chyna to Olive

"studANT council" (also known as "constituANTs") is the fifth episode in season one of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on July 8, 2011 to 3.5 million viewers.


When Olive convinces Chyna to run for A.N.T. Representative, Chyna soon learns that Olive tricked her into doing it because the A.N.T. Rep has to do a lot of tedious work. In order to get even, Chyna throws Olive's name into the running as well. Meanwhile, Fletcher hangs out with Chyna's dad in order to get on his good side so he can date his daughter. However, Darell tells Fletcher later on that he is wasting his time, and that Chyna doesn't really care about his opinion.



Lexi denies Chyna entrance to the dance

After being denied an entrance to the school dance by Lexi and Paisley for being an A.N.T., Olive suggests that Chyna run for A.N.T. Representative to try and make a change. Chyna gladly accepts, but later Angus tells her that she'd have to be an idiot to run for A.N.T. Rep because the big kids give you the hardest time by forcing you to participate in all school activities. For example, making you dress up as a giant bunny, firing you out of a cannon, etc. Chyna realizes that Olive tricked her and decides to get back at her by nominating her to run as well (see Olive's Rap). In a desperate attempt to lose, both Chyna and Olive try to sabotage their own campaign by promising more homework and outlawing the use of the Internet. In the subplot, Fletcher feels ignored by Chyna, so he invests in the help of Angus. Angus gives him a book entitled "How to Win a Girl In 10 Easy Steps". He tells him that one of the steps says in order to get a girl to like you, you first need to be friends with their dad. Fletcher then befriends Chyna's dad to see if he has a possibility with Chyna but Cameron gets jealous because they've been spending too much time together. In the end, Cameron ends up beating Chyna and Olive for student council and Chyna's dad begins to hang out with him again.

Memorable Quotes[]

Fletcher: I'll take a glass of yummy worms. And make it a double.

Angus: Coming right up. (shakes a glass of yummy worms as if he's a bartender) So, what's got you down?
Fletcher: I'm getting nowhere with Chyna. She doesn't even know I'm alive.
Angus: Maybe you're not. Maybe you're a ghost. (touches Fletcher)
Fletcher: Hey!

Angus: Nope, you're just unappealing.
Darryl: Hey Cameron! Wanna watch the game?

Cameron: No. Every time we watch baseball all you do is make me get food for you from the kitchen.
Darryl: Well that's a family tradition. I got food for my dad. You get food for me and one day your son'll get food for you. That is if you can trick a girl into marrying you.
Cameron: You mean like you did?

Darryl: Exactly. Another family tradition.
Chyna: (to Olive) We can't let the student council keep us from going to school dances or pep rally's. What am I gonna do with all this pep?! I am backed up with pep!
Angus: (inside a cannon) Are you sure this is gonna be FUN?

Lexi: Oh, yes this will definitely be fun! (whispering to Paisley) For us..(Cheerleaders start shaking pompoms) Ready? Fire in the hole! (fires Angus out of the cannon)
Angus: (screams until we hear him crash into a wall)

Paisley: Maybe we should've done this outside…
Chyna: (to Olive) This is terrible! There goes my political career! No one would vote for me now that they know about my hatred of Mother Earth! Guess you gonna kick my butt now!





  • This episode reveals that Olive's last name is Doyle.
  • This episode attracted 3.5 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • Chyna wore the same pink sweater to the dance that Lexi was wearing in "The PhANTom Locker".
  • This episode is also known as "ConstituANTs".
  • This episode reveals that in kindergarten Cameron was the tallest kid in school, this also explains why he's the smallest kid in high school.
  • This episode reveals that Olive has a fear of heights, mirrors, and balls.


  • This episode reveals Olive is afraid of heights. But in secret agANT, she appears to have forgotten that fear, flying off with Dixon into the helicopter.

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