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This page is for the ship of the real life actors. You may be looking for the character ship.

Steferra (Stef/anie and Si/erra) is the friendly pairing of Stefanie Scott and Sierra McCormick. They both appear to be great friends on and off the set of A.N.T. Farm. This ship rivals Chefanie (Ch/ina and St/efanie), Chierra (Chi/na and Si/erra), Jafanie (Ja/ke and Ste/fanie), Jierra (J/ake and S/ierra) and Starlon (St/efanie and C/arlon).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Steferra (Ste/fanie and Si/erra)
  • Sifanie (Si/erra and Stefanie)
  • Stierra (St/efanie and S/ierra)
  • Sieranie (Sier/ra and Stef/anie)
  • Sterra (St/efanie and Si/erra)

Steferra Moments[]

  • They are both co-stars on the Disney Channel Original Series "A.N.T. Farm".
  • Stefanie put her arm around Sierra while they were interviews at the Disney Channel Friends For Change.
  • Stefanie was hugging Sierra while they were doing an interview of Radio Disney at the Disney Channel Friends For Change.
  • They are both seated next together while doing an interview of Radio Disney in the event, "Americana".
  • They are both interviewed together at the event "Americana".
  • They were both riding on top of a car in the 80th Anniversary Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 27, 2011 in Hollywood, California.
  • They told M magazine they both shop at Target.

Steferra Gallery[]