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"Stars Aligning"
Song by China Anne McClain
Length: 0:35 (Acapella)

1:16 (Video Version)

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HD China Anne McClain - Stars Aligning (Acapella) (A.N.T. Farm trANTsferred)

Acapella version

Stars Aligning was featured in the episode, TrANTsferred, Chyna sung this song twice. The first time was an A cappella version when she auditioned for the new A.N.T. boarding school. The second time it was heard was when it was shown in a video of her playing many instruments and singing.


They're telling me
Get back on ground
Forget my dreams
Just let them drown

But deep inside
A voice is telling me
They're wrong

I wanna know
That anything
Is possible
If I believe

I`m ready for
Whatever future holds for me

Can't be afraid anymore
I'm getting ready to fly
Wish they could all see me now
Cause I am

Breaking all the boundaries tonight
I can see the stars aligning
Finally I'm free to live my life (my life)
I'm gonna keep on keep on shining

What gotta be gotta be
I'm gonna follow my dreams
Now there is no doubt about it

I am breaking all the boundaries tonight
I can see the stars aligning


  • This is the first song performed by Chyna in Season 3.