A.N.T. Farm Wiki
Gender Female
Age Same as Gibson
Professional Information
  In jail
Friends and Family
Love interests
Other Information
First Appearance
  Bad RomANTs
Portrayed by
Katya Lidsky

Sophie is Gibson's old girlfriend. They both broke up when Gibson wouldn't let her have a sip from his juice box. She is also the reason Gibson has chronic dandruff because she dumped sand on his head. She appears in the episode Bad RomANTs. She is very temperamental and pugnacious, and resides in jail, to Gibson's ignorance. She is in prison for robbing a bank. She shows pure love for Gibson on their date by staring into his eyes. It was also shown that Sophie has always loved Gibson, and Gibson gladly returned the favor.


  • According to Gibson and Chyna, she looks good in orange.
  • Both Gibson and Sophie hate strawberries.
  • Gibson never stopped thinking about her.
  • She can shape the chocolate knife into a rose.
  • She is very strong, as she can beat a cop with another cop.