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"some enchANTed evening" is the twenty-second episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It aired on February 24, 2012. It features the last appearance of Jared and only appearance of Ella.


When Fletcher asks Chyna out, Olive says that the only way to get Fletcher to back off is to lie about having a boyfriend. When Chyna takes her advice, Fletcher, embarrassed, pretends to have a girlfriend, prompting Olive to suggest they go on a double date together. They both must get fake dates before Saturday night when the double date is. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as the cheerleading coach.


The A.N.T.s are having a Birthday Day, which is where they celebrate everyone's birthday on the same day so that they don't have to celebrate 25 birthdays and 25 cakes. Fletcher says it's a part of Principal Skidmore's "war on fun". Angus walks up and says he's against anything that reduces cake consumption. Olive then says it's time to exchange gifts, but Chyna doesn't have any, so she goes around the school gathering random items to give to the ANTs. She gives Olive a wet floor sign, which Olive is actually happy to receive. Olive says that she hopes Chyna didn't get anything that nice for Fletcher because she wouldn't want to lead him on since he's in love with her. Chyna denies that Fletcher is in love with her, but Olive suggests that she casually mention she has a boyfriend to let him down easy. Fletcher interrupts their talking to give Chyna a present. It's a toy airplane which Fletcher uses to spell out the words "I LUV U!". Chyna then blurts out that she has a boyfriend. Fletcher says that he's embarrassed because the gift was actually meant for his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the Webster cheerleaders are informed that their coach, Mandy, "quit breathing". Lexi questions who's going to be their coach. Gibson then runs in and says he's going to be their new coach. Lexi asks what could he possibly know about cheerleading. Gibson says that he was cheerleading captain when he went to Webster, so he says he's perfectly qualified to coach cheerleading.

We then see Chyna and Olive walking in the hallway. Chyna says that she shouldn't have lied about having a boyfriend because of the possibility of Fletcher wanting to meet him. Olive says that he does, which is why she set up a double date for them Friday night. Chyna asks why she would do that, Olive says because she couldn't get a reservation on Saturday. Later, Chyna and Olive hold auditions for a guy to pretend to be Chyna's fake boyfriend and Fletcher gets a babysitter to act as his girlfriend. During the date, it is revealed that Chyna's boyfriend is fake and that Fletcher's date had actually thought she was babysitting Fletcher. Fletcher blames everything on Chyna and tells everyone that Chyna had been coming on him too strong.







  • Cameron is absent in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Ella baby-sitted Angus before.
  • Jared's name was originally going to be Ben.
  • Part of the script from this episode leaked onto the internet.
  • This is the third episode where Lexi says, "Shut up, Paisley!"
  • The airdate of this episode was pushed back twice for unknown reasons.
  • Caroline Sunshine who plays Tinka on Shake It Up, guest starred in this episode.
    • Stefanie Scott, the portrayer of Lexi in A.N.T. Farm, was originally cast as Tinka in Shake It Up.
  • When Gibson says "you won't have Gibson to kick around anymore", it was a parody of Richard Nixon's speech after he lost the election for governor in the state of California, when he said he was retiring from politics.
  • In this episode Jake Short lets his country accent slip during the line "I've been trying nonstop for eleven years and NUTHIN", the "Nuthin" being with the accent.

Memorable Quotes[]

Fletcher: Are you busy on Friday?

(Girl leaves)
Fletcher: Are you guys busy on Friday?
(Two girls slap him)

Fletcher: Are you doing anything on Friday? (Covers his face) Please don't hit me!

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