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Did someone say they're having a party!?

"slumber party ANTics" is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on November 18. 2011.


When Chyna and Olive don't get invited to Lexi's slumber party, they decide to host their own on the same night. But when they find out that every single girl in the school is at Lexi's party, they must think of something fast because Lexi wants to see how their slumber party turned out. Meanwhile, Cameron enlists Fletcher to help him draw for a comic book.

Episode Summary[]

The episode begins in the cafeteria with Paisley telling Lexi that she's really looking forward to her slumber party. Chyna and Olive overhears them talking about Lexi's slumber party. "You guys are having a slumber party?", Chyna said to Lexi. Lexi apologizes to Chyna saying that she really should have not invited her sooner. Olive asks if she can be not invited too. Lexi says yes and walks away. Chyna then rushes to tell Lexi that her slumber party won't be the only one in the neighborhood because she and Olive are having one too. She says it will be a gazillion times more fun. Lexi doubts it because at her party, they're having Mani-pedis, facials and a crepe bar. Olive tries to come back by saying they've got cats in bags.

We later see Cameron walking up to Fletcher saying he has an opportunity that will change Fletcher's life. He came up with a "million-dollar idea" to do a comic book and he wants Fletcher to draw it such he's such a great artist. Fletcher turns down the idea saying that he doesn't like to collaborate because he's a lone wolf.

At that point we see Chyna in the A.N.T. Farm, handing out flyers for her slumber party. She hands one to two girls named Naya and Megan. She attempts to give one to Svetlana, but she has a hard time with her swinging in the air. She finally gives up and says she'll just text her the deets. Fletcher then walks in and asks what time he should be at the party. Chyna says it's an all-girls party and Fletcher says that's why he wants to go. Olive then walks in and tells Chyna that she can't make the slumber party because of a dentist appointment. Chyna questions why Olive would have a dentist appointment in the middle of the night unless her dentist was a vampire. Olive then reveals that she's never slept anywhere outside of her house. Chyna says that if it would make Olive feel better, then she could bring something from home.

The next scene cuts to Chyna's room as she is dragging in a bunch of Olive's suitcases.

Memorable Quotes[]

Cameron: Fletcher! I have an opportunity for you that will change your life.

Fletcher: But I like my life.
Cameron: Why?

Fletcher: Good point. Go on.
Olive: Be careful with that! That bag has my breakfast. I like to eat this really rare, special cereal that you guys don't have.

Chyna: (Chyna pulls a box of cereal out of the bag) Corn Flakes? I think we have corn flakes.
Olive: No, I've seen your cabinets and you only have Honey Crusted Sugar Loops, Donut Crisps, Sugar Frosted Sugar Cubes, Captain Chocolard, Candy Cane Crunch and High Fructosey-Os.

Chyna: Those are my dads. I don't eat that unhealthy junk. I usually just have some leftover pie.
Cameron: So, which Superhero is our million-dollar idea? Fletcher: None of them! Seriously, Pool Boy, Dare-Deviled Egg, Spider Manatee, and worst of all, Iron Man. I mean a Superhero who irons, that's my Mom!
Cameron: You've heard of Spider-Man, you've heard of Batman. Well, say hello to... Man-Man!

Fletcher: So, he has the powers of a Man?

Cameron: Yeah, but that man belongs to a gym.






  • Unknown as Naya
  • Unknown as Megan


  • Svetlana makes a return in this episode.
  • The same artwork from CANTonese Style Cuisine and PhilANThropy reappears.
  • This episode marks the first time Paisley stood up for herself against Lexi. This occurs when Lexi wants to leave Chyna's party and tells Paisley to come on. Paisley says, "No I'm staying!".
  • A girl at Lexi's party appears wearing the same pajamas as in Wizards of Waverly Place; Alex wore to Popcon in Harper Knows.
  • When Lexi says, "Come on, let's go back to my place." and Paisley says "No I'm Staying." this is similar to what happened in another Disney Channel show Cory In the House episode I Ain't Got Rythm. When Sophie has a sleepover, the mean girl wants to leave but everyone else stays.
  • We find out that Olive had her appendix out, and was awake during the whole thing.
  • In the episode, Cameron and Fletcher work on a superhero comic, which is a very prominent theme in Jake Short's later show Mighty Med.
  • After eating a lot of sugary cereal, Fletcher says "It's like I have superpowers. Maybe I can fly" which coincidentally foreshadows Jake Short's Mighty Med character Oliver getting powers including the ability to fly.


  • When Fletcher took the flyer out of Chyna's hand, he asked what time should he be at the party, but the time was clearly written on the flyer.
  • When Olive hit the golf ball with the club near the end of the episode, there was no sound of the ball hitting the wall or anything else in the room.
  • Olive says her dentist is a vampire and she doesn't sound scared of him, but in The PhANTom Locker, she states she is scared of vampires. However, this is probably because she was lying to Chyna.
  • When Fletcher is at the house and says to Cameron: "Pictures and words, groundbreaking." his hands were never in the air. But when the camera turned to Cameron, Fletcher's hand is in the air.
  • When Lexi says she gets chocolate on her pajamas from the crepe, she has no chocolate on her when she gets to Chyna's house.
  • Sugar hasn't actually been shown to make kids hyper.


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