Sequoia Jones
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Sequoia Jones



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Chyna Parks

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Creative ConsultANT

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Creative ConsultANT

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I'd love to follow you around, watch your every move.
— Seqouia Jones to Chyna Parks

Sequoia Jones is a very famous movie star who comes to study a musical prodigy at Webster High to prepare for a movie role about one.


When Sequoia learns Chyna Parks is a musical prodigy, she follows Chyna around for research about her role. At first, Chyna doesn't mind hanging out with Sequoia, but she takes it too far after hiding in Chyna's bed and creeping her out.

The next day at school, Sequoia even steals Olive away from Chyna, who they decided to call Albert since Sequoia decided to use Chyna's name. On the night of Chyna's performance as Cabaret Night, Sequoia knocks out Chyna and hangs her over a shark tank and Chyna is convinced that Sequoia wants to get rid of Chyna so she can steal her life.

After Olive and Angus rescue Chyna, they find out that Sequoia was never trying to steal Chyna's life, and that everything was a part of her research. It was revealed that Sequoia was never playing a musical prodigy in the movie, she was playing the psycho girl that steals the musical prodigy's life.

In the end, Sequoia resumes her research and gets onstage with Chyna at Cabaret Night while mimicking her every move. She is portrayed by Zendaya.


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