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"scavANTger hunt" is the fifteenth episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on November 2, 2012.


Principal Skidmore makes the kids have an educational scavenger hunt since all the teachers had food poisoning.


Chyna, Olive, Fletcher Lexi, Paisley, and Cameron come to the school finding it empty. Cameron thought they were the last surviving people of a zombie apocalypse attack Lexi didn't believe then Principal Skidmore walked in they all scream thinking she's a zombie for having cold eyes and flesh barely hanging on but grunted to be human and explained the rest of the school from food poisoning from tuna with legs from a full truckload for 12 dollars and announce that class will be a scavenger hunt with the winning team getting 1 week off school and made Lexi and Chyna team captains and Chyna purposely picked Olive. Lexi chose Paisley and Cameron thought it was him Fletcher assumed he would be on Chyna's team but Lexi refused to let Cameron on their team and Chyna chose Cameron. Olive didn't want Cameron, Chyna tries to explain that he is street smart but was unable to answer the street their house is on and Olive said he believed they were a zombie attack when Mrs. Mills came in sick all but Chyna was scared she was told to have a sick day. 1st item the first clue was to unscramble eetiwmouhs Cameron thought they weren't Olive solved it to be white mouse Paisley spelled out Mwite House and though it was in Mwashington DC they went on a trolley Chyna played a pipe and wore a hat Olive explained it attracted rats and was fiction but she played to buy a mouse Cameron bought it but was eaten to a boa constrictor strangling or hugging Cameron. Fletcher made a mousetrap which a mouse move some cheese attached to a pin that pops a balloon scaring a singer which shatters a glass of water spilling on a cat activating freeing a box of duck reducing the counterbalance weight causing a box to fall on the mouse, it activated but trapped Rube Goldberg back to the school but Lexi's team came with a white computer mouse from computer science Paisley thought was Internet shopping class Skidmore accepts Lexi's mouse and got a point Chyna saying it's not over until the fat lady sings the singer almost sung but she stopped. 2nd item her the second clue finish the rhyme: He was a genius pretty darn smart so try to find me Edison's last... Cameron thought of the Mohicans Chyna tried art apart artificial heart Bart bar chart bleeding heart bit heart body part cart dart eye chart she was goanna skip fart but it was the answer Olive explainers his last breath was collected in a test tube and on display in Dearborn Michigan and possibly his fart and hopes to be replicated in her Lexi's team went to Hippo's Scavenger Hunt Emporium which is stuff from his late grandmothers apartment Hippo showed them multiple fart tubes and found Edison's fart but was bought by Chyna as they walk inside Lexi called dips but grabbed it out of her hands and was chased until she tries to throw it to Cameron but Lexi caught it and shoved him and knocked over the table and broke all the farts tube releasing a foul smell stunning all but Chyna for being used to smell for sharing a bathroom with Cameron and grabbed the fart and delivered it to Skidmore and got a point and got tied but Lexi said not for long. 3rd item was a giants hat, Chyna's team thought it was San Francisco Giants but was a fictional giants hat. Lexi's team got the 4th item worlds smallest airborne still loud point Chyna team but didn't hear 5 item a giraffe Chyna got her dad's statue he won in a giraffle but Skidmore wanted a real giraffe Lexi got a giraffe but she thought it was a long neck horse she rode to look for a giraffe point Lexi's team 6th item autograph from her favorite filmmaker as a clue I have recreated a scene from 1 of his movies Fletcher though it was the old hag in a gold bikini Skidmore angry said she was Princess Leia from George Lucas's Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi Fletcher think he knows why he left in the first place Lucas is on skywalker ranch Chyna on the trolley asks Cameron how far away it is he said 2 inches arriving at the front gate and buzzed in with R2-D2 coming out Olive unable to understand even though she speaks 57 languages then C-3PO come out knowing 6 million including street slang and explains everybody works for live Chewbaca cleans the pool but his fur clogs the filter Boba Fett tends the garden, and Darth Vader's head of security she asks for permission unknown if Lexi got it R2 plays a record of a cloak person asking Obi Wan for help and revealed to be Gibson but he played the wrong image and shows Fletcher saw some autographs in Hippo's store before being fart blinded they returned to find Hippo explaning his grandma was napping and a market for Apple products but used real apples with computer parts Fletcher knowing they won't win then Lexi found his lack of faith disturbing and raised her hand with Fletcher chocking but it was a piece of apple knowing they have a chance Lucas ain't taking visitors today Cameron tries to climb while he tricked him to look for Admiral Ackbar with job of making scones the fence C-3PO warn him but said who gonna stop me they a stormtrooper started shooting they hid behind garbage and a recycling bin filled with grass clippings Olive saying good job Cameron maybe after this we can go to Jurassic Park and you can anger the raptors they somehow got it and got a point 8 item clue charades she grabbed her ear Lexi guessed hearing aid Olive guessed aid dispenser she had her arm out and used the other and swung Fletcher guessed wrinkled old bat Skidmore gives up and said their terrible at charades Chyna then read a paper Skidmore dropped which was a bell from a cable car and a coupon for mole hair conditioner she grabs Cameron try to walk Chyna asks and he was holding them back all day with Olive with destroying the fart tubes woefully folding the map nearly eaten my the boa and getting shot at by lasers saying go without him and messing things up she try to call him back but quickly raced out onto the cable car with Lexi she spotted the bell and grabbed it but Lexi got it and was holding onto Chyna hanging outside Olive got Chyna Fletcher for Olive and Paisley got Fletcher she try to tell let to get go they Chyna said they Luke needed Vader to make him a better Jedi Paisley say Lexi is your father and let the bell go but lost a earring and jumped out Skidmore disappointed with the news of the bell Chyna said nobody got hurt but was still disappointed until Gibson came carrying Cameron with the bell helping him after the mayor in a loopy daze he explans how would get the bell on the porch but then it hit him Skidmore explans the sentimental value for she had her first kiss unter the bell 2 years ago Fletcher thought 1896 Chyna said good game to Lexi but was angry since she didn't win then a Yoda voice anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering then shows Mrs. Miller with white hair, green shin, a robe and a walking stick. Chyna told her to go to urgent care and may the Force be with you Skidmore then explains the week off school was spring break and Lexi team got it off to Chyna thanks Cameron for helping win the challenge and thinking of the odds of a bell hitting on his head the school bell rang and fell on Cameron with Gibson flying around.





  • Sonje Fortag as Mrs. Mills
  • Chris Bartlett as C3PO


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  • This episode is like "Where's Waldo" but you have to find Gibson in different scenes.
  • This episode mark Gibson"s Final appearance in the series
  • This episode includes many references to Star Wars:
    • There are multiple references to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.
    • One of the clues was shown in the same fasion as the intros of all Star Wars films.
    • The clue shows Susan Skidmore posing as Leia Organa next to a rock that resembles Jabba Desilijic Tiure.
    • Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi is mentioned by Skidmore.
    • George Lucas is mentioned to be living on the Skywalker Ranch. This is a real ranch owned by Lucas in California. The Skywalker family is the center of the Star Wars universe.
    • C-3PO and R2-D2 appeared as guest stars. They were however not portrayed by their original actors.
    • Darth Vader is mentioned to be in charge of Lucas' security team.
    • Boba Fett is mentioned to be Lucas' gardener.
    • Chewbacca is heard off-screen and is mentioned to be Lucas' pool cleaner.
    • Gibson is shown with a cape in R2-D2's hologram in a similar fasion as Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious in the prequels. He also says Leia's line from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and mentions Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    • Admiral Ackbar is mentioned to be baking cupcakes.
    • A Stormtrooper makes a cameo after Cameron attempts to get into the ranch.
    • Lexi said the sane line to Fletcher the same line as Darth Vader to Conan Antonio Motti in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. She also mimics force-chocking, something which Vader did to Motti as well.
    • China mentions Luke Skywalker and Vader. Paisley also references Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back when she asks if Lexy was China's father.
    • The launch lady speaks in Yoda's voice at the end of the episode.
    • China says may the force be with you, something that is regulary said in Star Wars.
  • This episode was filmed before Disney bought Star Wars on October 30, 2012, but aired three days after. However, by production order, should've aired weeks prior.
  • On DisneyChannel.com, if you guess the right number of Gibsons in this episode, you can unlock the music video, "Go", by the McClain Sisters, which will be featured in the episode, "ChANTs of a Lifetime ", premiering later this month
  • On DisneyChannel.com, you get 4 guesses for the Find Gibson, the answer is 66
  • Hippo's Apple Store scene features numerous references to the Apple Store
  • This episode could be considered non-canon, due to the fact that Principal Skidmore, the main ANTs, Lexi, Paisley, and Cameron were the only ones in the school. That wouldn't happen in real life. They would have closed the school if that were to happen.


  • When Chyna, Olive, and Cameron first get on the train, Olive is sitting on Chyna's left. But when the camera focuses on Chyna's ANT pad, Olive's pants can be seen on her right.
  • In PhANTom Locker Olive claims that she's afraid of giraffes but in this episode, there was a giraffe present and she didn't seem scared of it
  • When Cameron is being squeezed by a boa constrictor, there is a coral squeezing him too, but it is not mentioned, and also is not shown after the scene it is seen in.