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I've got it! We rig the next pack of jack-in-the-boxes, with boobie traps, to go off in Skidmore's face!

"sANTa's little helpers" is the nineteenth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on December 9, 2011.


When Principal Skidmore asks the A.N.T.s to make toys that are supposedly for orphans, they soon find out that Skidmore has been selling them online for her own profit. So, in order to teach her a lesson, the A.N.T.s booby trap the toys. However, when Skidmore reveals that she decided to donate the faulty toys, the A.N.T.s must find a way to sneak into the orphanage and get the gifts back. Meanwhile, Cameron helps Darryl find the right gift for Roxanne.


Everyone is in the Christmas spirit at Webster High School, strangely including Principal Skidmore, who asks Chyna, Olive and Fletcher to create special toys using their talents to distribute to needy kids. After starting to create musical jack-in-the-boxes, the A.N.T.s are shocked to discover Skidmore has been selling them online for a profit. They then come up with a plan to secretly booby trap the gifts so they will go off in Skidmore's face. However, when Skidmore decides to donate the last batch of toys to an orphanage, the A.N.T.s must dress up as elves (except for Chyna who is dressed like Santa Claus), sneak through the chimney, and get the toys back before they go off. Meanwhile, Cameron helps Darryl to spy on Roxanne to find out what she's getting him for Christmas so he can match the price.





  • Al Hodek as Nick
  • Francesca Capaldi as Orphan


  • This is the first time both Darryl Parks and Roxanne Parks appeared in the same episode since TransplANTed.
  • Skidmore's story about how she became kind is the same as in the story "A Christmas Carol."
  • It is never said how Paisley was able to wrap herself up and still keep her arms inside.
  • This episode was part of Disney's "Fa-La-La-Lidays".
  • Skidmore reveals that they serve porcupine meat and milk in the cafeteria.
  • We found out the during every Park's Christmas, Darryl is sent to the emergency room.
  • A running gag is when Chyna sings a jingle, then pops out of a giant gift box pretending to be a life-sized jack-in-the-box while dangling around like she's on a spring; Fletcher steals the idea she comes up with.
  • In Australia, this episode was new in the marathon "Christmas In July"
  • It is revealed that Darryl Parks wears pink underwear.


  • Chyna and the A.N.T.s are in school but Cameron, Lexi, and Paisley at the mall at the same time, even though they all go to Webster High. However, this could have occurred after school.
  • Skidmore says she had a nightmare even though she said earlier in the episode that she doesn't sleep at night, maybe this is a joke put in by the writer.
    • Also, Skidmore says she sleeps in the day even though she is present in almost all ANT Farm episodes in the daytime.
  • Paisley wouldn't be able to survive to Christmas without food, water, or air holes.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Chyna: I love Christmas putting up lights, taking Dad to the Emergency Room, putting up the tree, taking Dad to the emergency room, singing Christmas carols, taking Dad to the Emergency room.
(Roxanne takes an enormous power drill from Darryl and gives it to Chyna) Roxanne: Chyna don't let your father play with this. Chyna: Okay.
(Darryl starts tearing up the house to find his present) Chyna: If you're looking for the tip of your thumb, mom put it in the freezer.
(Chyna picks up the phone and calls the hospital) Chyna: Hey Rose yeah it's me again in about five minutes were gonna need an ambulance.
Chyna: As your gift for Christmas this year I hope you get the measles, you have a heart that's made of stone, take this you weasel. (Throws a cream pie straight into Fletcher's face and imitates a jack moving front to back from side to side)
(Roxanne takes a bag over to Lexi and Paisley)Lexi: Hi Mrs. Parks.

Roxanne: Hello Lexi could you wrap this sweater for me please? It's for my sister.

Lexi: Do you hate your sister?
Roxanne: Chyna, your turn. Open your present.Paisley: Surprise! You got a tuba, but I couldn't wrap it.

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