Running gags are jokes and/or events that are seen throughout the series.

Olive in disguise or dressed in a costume/outfit

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Lexi's insults/smart remarks/fake compliments

  • "TransplANTed" - (in baby voice) "Isn't it a little late for you A.N.T's? Should you be in your little footy pajamas by now?"
  • "TransplANTed" - (Chyna: If you guys want music, I could play something) Yeah, because nothing rocks the house like a violin concerto."
  • "TransplANTed" - "That girl stinks."
  • "The PhANTom Locker" - "Oh Cameron, that's so cute. Is this where you keep your dollies?"
  • "The InformANT" - " Hey Chyna. Oh, I love that. Did the bag lady wake up when you took it out from under her head?"
  • "ReplacemANT"- (Chyna: Wow, for the first time ever you and I actually have something in common) "I know. Ugh! This day just keeps getting worse!"

Olive saying "What the heck?!"

Wacky kicking things over

Welcome to the A.N.T. Farm

Chynaaaa Paaarks

Darryl Parks Being Called A Mall Cop

Angus Eating All The Food at Places

Chyna using donuts as a Topic

Fletcher making things that look like Chyna

Lexi saying "Shut up, Paisley!"

Chyna and Olive going in lockers

Olive saying "HOLLLLLAAAAAAA!!!"

Calling Fletcher Stupid/Jokes about him being an Idiot

Fletcher saying "Hey Lexi, it's Fletcher from school!"

"Orphan Style!"

Olive complementing her cheek bones

Olive going cross-eyed

Chyna singing in public

Chyna using Dorrian Banister as an excuse

Lexi saying "You've got to be kidding me!"

Olive saying "Interesting Factoid".

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