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Running gags are jokes and/or events that are seen throughout the series.

Olive in disguise or dressed in a costume/outfit[]

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Lexi's insults/smart remarks/fake compliments[]

  • "TransplANTed" - (in baby voice) "Isn't it a little late for you A.N.T's? Should you be in your little footy pajamas by now?"
  • "TransplANTed" - (Chyna: If you guys want music, I could play something) Yeah, because nothing rocks the house like a violin concerto."
  • "TransplANTed" - "That girl stinks."
  • "The PhANTom Locker" - "Oh Cameron, that's so cute. Is this where you keep your dollies?"
  • "The InformANT" - " Hey Chyna. Oh, I love that. Did the bag lady wake up when you took it out from under her head?"
  • "ReplacemANT"- (Chyna: Wow, for the first time ever you and I actually have something in common) "I know. Ugh! This day just keeps getting worse!"

Olive saying "What the heck?!"[]

Wacky kicking things over[]

Welcome to the A.N.T. Farm[]

Chynaaaa Paaarks[]

Darryl Parks Being Called A Mall Cop[]

Angus Eating All The Food at Places[]

Chyna using donuts as a Topic[]

Fletcher making things that look like Chyna[]

Lexi saying "Shut up, Paisley!"[]

Chyna and Olive going in lockers[]

Olive saying "HOLLLLLAAAAAAA!!!"[]

Calling Fletcher Stupid/Jokes about him being an Idiot[]

Fletcher saying "Hey Lexi, it's Fletcher from school!"[]

"Orphan Style!"[]

Olive complementing her cheek bones[]

Olive going cross-eyed[]

Chyna singing in public[]

Chyna using Dorrian Banister as an excuse[]

Lexi saying "You've got to be kidding me!"[]

Olive saying "Interesting Factoid".[]