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..you're hiding inside an arcade game
Chyna to Darryl

"replicANT" is the eighth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on August 12, 2011.


A cute new student from England named Nigel joins the ANT Program and Chyna is immediately smitten, but there's a catch - he's a robotic telepresence device. Angus and Fletcher try to sabotage Chyna and Nigel' s date by hacking into Nigel's system.

Episode Summary[]

The episode begins with Fletcher in the A.N.T. Farm talking to and complimenting a miniature doll version


"What are you doing?"

of Chyna. The doll is also a puppet, so Fletcher, in return, makes the doll compliment him. He then begins kissing it as Chyna and Olive walk in. "What are you doing?", Chyna asked. As a defense mechanism, Fletcher asks Chyna the same question. At that point Gibson runs in and says he has big news. He says that there will be a new ANT joining them and he begins talking in a bad British accent. Chyna says it's better than his Australian accent. Olive asks if the new ANT just moved here and Gibson says not exactly.

At that point in rolls a robot, Nigel introducing himself. Gibson then does his "Welcome to the A.N.T. Farm" line. Chyna then whispers to Gibson about how he didn't mention there was something unusual about Nigel. "Sure I did. I told you he was British.", Gibson said. Chyna was talking about the fact that he's a robot. Gibson tells Chyna that they don't use labels in the A.N.T. Farm. He says that's why he occasionally smears paste on his bagel. Nigel then explains that he's not a robot. He's in England speaking to them through a telepresence device equipped with gyroscopic wheels, HD webcam and an MP3 player for karaoke. He then begins playing music that Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher dance to. Olive then gives a fun fact of where karaoke comes from. Fletcher says that they should get along because Nigel's a human in a robot body and Olive's a robot in a human body. Olive thanks Fletcher because she believes it was a compliment.

Chyna then tells Nigel that he seems very nice for a robot. She tells how in the movies robots usually wipe out the human race. Nigel says they only do that when they determine that humans are useless beings worthy of elimination. We then see Fletcher pretending that his Chyna puppet doll is playing the trumpet and Chyna says she thinks that day may be upon them. The show then cuts to the theme song.

When the show returns we see Cameron pulling a thorn out of Wacky's paw. Cameron says Wacky now owes


Chyna & Nigel walking

him a favor. Wacky then whispers something in Cameron's ear and Cameron yells "No I'm not gonna kiss it better!". We then see Chyna and Nigel walking down the hallway. Chyna asks Nigel if he chose any of his classes yet. Nigel said he just took everything on the first floor. Chyna says that Angus did the same thing. We then see Angus asking how he's supposed to get from room three to room four in ten minutes. Angus leaves and Chyna asks Nigel what his talent is. Nigel said he would show her. We then see Nigel dressed dresses up, reciting lines from Act 1, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet. "Big deal! Any robot can do Shakespeare. If you really want to impress us, let's see you transform into a truck.", Fletcher said. We then heat noises of transformation and a car vroom noise, giving the indication the Nigel could transform into a truck. Fletcher then calls him a show-off.

At that point we see Cameron and Darryl walking into the "Squeak Wheel Roller Rink". Cameron wanted to show Darryl how he got the high score on Donkey King. Darryl then tells Cameron how he used to play the same game when he was Cameron's age. Cameron tells Darryl to check out his high score and Cameron is shocked to see that he got second place. Someone with the initials "ODD" had gotten first place. Cameron asked who's odd and Olive said she was. "ODD" stands for Olive's full name, Olive Daphne Doyle. Cameron asked how Olive got such a high score. Olive said she just memorized all the game patterns. Cameron then ordered Darryl to arrest Olive. "For what?", Darryl said. "All of a sudden you need a reason?", said Cameron. Darryl then told Olive about the upcoming Donkey King tournament and said Cameron was gonna take her to school. Olive misunderstood, thinking Cameron was actually going to take her to school.

The next scene shows Fletcher after school. Chyna walks in and sees him painting what she thinks is a picture of his finger. Fletcher hints that it's actually his toe. Chyna then asks for Fletcher advice about something personal. She tells him that there is a guy that she likes who's cute, sweet and artistic. She was wondering if she should ask him out or if she should make the first move. Fletcher thinks Chyna is talking about him and encourages her to do so. Chyna then walks over to Nigel asks him if he wants to go skating.

At that point, we see Cameron and Darryl in the kitchen at the Parks Residence. Darryl says Cameron is the soon to be champ. Cameron says he doesn't know if he's gonna play Olive in the tournament because he doesn't want to her dreams. Darryl says she'll get over it. He tells Cameron about the dreams he had before Cameron and Chyna were born such as sleeping in on weekends and having money in the bank. Cameron then questions whether or not he will be able to beat Olive. Darryl says all he needs is training.

We later see Darryl and Chyna trying to figure out what Chyna will wear on her date with Nigel. Darryl picks


"Stand down!"

out a riot uniform, which Chyna tells him she's not wearing. Darryl says she will also need a mask and Chyna tell him to stand down. Darryl says to excuse him for worrying. He says that he's nervous and asks Chyna what exactly is gonna happen tonight. Chyna then has a vision while singing the song "Crush". When Chyna's vision is over Darryl suggests that he chaperone the date. Chyna says she would die if he came and makes him promise that he won't come anywhere near the date. Darryl promises. Chyna then asks him if he's crying. Darryl lies and says that there is just tear gas left on the uniform. He then begins to panic because there actually is tear gas left on the uniform. He then urges Chyna to get him a cold washcloth.

The next scene cuts to Angus at his desk in the A.N.T. Farm. Fletcher comes up and asks for a favor. Angus questions why he should help him. Fletcher then bribes Angus with a giant turkey leg.

The show then cuts to a scene where we see Chyna and Nigel on their date. They're on the skating rink and Chyna is stumbling. She tells Nigel that it's harder in real life. Nigel then suggests that she hold on to him and Chyna agrees. Gibson then comes up and offers to show them a few moves. Chyna nicely declines, but he begins dancing anyway. Chyna tells him to be careful because he's not wearing a helmet. "Sure I am", Gibson said. He takes off his hair helmet and puts it on Chyna.

At that point we see Darryl sitting on the couch watching a movie. Cameron comes downstairs and questions whether or not he's watching a chick flick and crying. Darryl lies and says there's just tear gas left on the pillow he was holding. He then wipes his eyes on the pillow and there actually was tear gas on it. Cameron then tries to rush him out of the house so they can get to the Donkey King tournament. Darryl says he cannot go due to him promising Chyna that he wouldn't go anywhere near the roller rink. Darryl then gets an idea.

The next scene shows Darryl hiding in a Snac-Man machine. Gibson comes to play the fake game and inserts a coin. The machine doesn't take it and Gibson kicks the machine. Darryl then reaches out of the machine and smacks Gibson in the back of the head. We then see Fletcher feeding Angus his turkey leg while trying to hack into Nigel's computer system. Angus freezes Nigel's screen and Fletcher now controls the voice.

When the show returns, we see Cameron excited saying he just beat his high score. Darryl then gives Cameron


"Wacky the Wolf?!"

a high five from inside the Snac-Man machine. He points out the fact that Olive isn't even there and tells Cameron that he probably psyched Olive out and she was too afraid to show up. "Something like that", Cameron said. We then see Olive at school looking at her watch. She says it's getting late, so she should probably get to the roller rink. She then looks over and says her famous line "What the heck?!". She then proceeds to jump over several barrels that have been rolled over by someone in a Donkey King suit as she would if she were playing the Donkey King game. She then climbs up a ladder and grabs a fake mallet. She hits the person over the head with it. "Now, let's find out who's inside this donkey suit", she said. Olive was then shocked to find out it was Wacky the Wolf.

The next scene shows Chyna still struggling to skate. She then slips and falls. Nigel (really Fletcher in disguise) makes fun of Chyna and tells her that she stinks. Chyna says that she's doing the best that she can. She then asks Nigel why he's suddenly being such a jerk. Fletcher then says if she doesn't like it then she should go out with someone else like Fletcher. "Maybe I will", Chyna says.

At that point, we see Cameron back at the Donkey King machine. Darryl says that it looks like he's going to win. "We'll see about that!", said Olive as she walks in holding a Donkey costume head. She that's that Wacky told her everything. She then goes on to explain how Cameron set up a real-life Donkey King to make sure she never showed up. Darryl asks Cameron if it's true and he admits to it. Darryl tells him that's genius. He then says that Scan-Man needs to go to the Snac-Men's room and deposit a roll of quarters (meaning he had to use the bathroom). He then begins to move the machine towards the bathroom. The scene then cuts to Chyna and "Nigel". Fletcher accidentally hits a button that lets Chyna see him.

Rest of the summary to be written.

Memorable Quotes[]

Darryl: Excuse me for worrying. It's just you're my daughter. And I'm your father. And my wife is your mother. And your brother is my sister's nephew.

Chyna: Dad, what are you talking about?

Darryl: I don't know. I'm nervous.
Fletcher: Thanks for helping me out Angus. I've gotta stop Nigel from stealing my girl.
Angus: I get it. If that glorified toaster oven came after my Olive, he'd end up in a scrapheap.
Flectcher: Maybe you should take those skates off your feet and put them on your bum bum!
Mr. Parks: (acting like a robot) Please insert coin.
Gibson: (kicks Mr. Parks) I already did!

Featured Songs[]







  • Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed was absent for this episode.
  • This is the second time a main character did not appear in an episode.
  • This is the first time Stefanie Scott was absent for an episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Nigel.
  • This episode did not feature the A.N.T. Pad.
  • This episode was watched by 3.7 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • When Fletcher is playing with the trumpet, he hums the Mario Bros. theme song.
  • When Nigel is playing music, he plays the same song that was playing at the dance in StudANT Council.
  • When Gibson is dancing, he does the same dance as seen from the viral YouTube video, "Double Dream Hands".
  • It’s unknown why Wacky was unmasked only once.
  • This episode was referenced on The Masked Singer with the suggestion of DJ Marshmello being the Ice Cream.
  • There were several parodies of old arcade games in this episode.
  • Olive's middle name (Daphne) was revealed in this episode.
  • Transformers is referenced in this episode when Fletcher asks Nigel if he can transform into a truck. Nigel then proceeds to do so and drives out of the room off-screen, as Fletcher watches and shouts, "SHOWOFF!".


  • The Donkey King head Wacky was wearing is thinner than his mascot head, meaning it shouldn't have fit.
  • When Chyna is talking to her Dad in her room, she is wearing yellow nail varnish. When she gets to the roller rink, there is no nail varnish.
  • Since Nigel is in England, he could just attend the A.N.T. Program in England, since in endurANTs, it was shown that there are A.N.T. Farms all over the world. The only way this is possible is if A.N.T. Farms internationally were introduced between the time of this episode and endurANTs.


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