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Mr Grundy is gonna kill me, and get away with it because he has an Alibi app!

"product misplacemANT" is the ninth episode in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on September 20th, 2013 on Disney Channel.


Chyna accidentally loses the Z-Phone prototype to Zoltan Grundy's nemesis Hashimoto and she must get it back before Zoltan finds out. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to get Seth to be her boyfriend.





Songs Featured[]

Memorable Quotes[]

In the A.N.T Farm

Zoltan Grundy: Walks into the A.N.T Farm Hello prodigies, I have something amazing to show you!
Fletcher: Ooooh, is it a million dollar coin?
Zoltan Grundy: Sorry, I don't have one on me. I did, but I left it at the take a million dollar coin leave a million dollar coin tray at the store.

Chyna: Well the next time you have one of those just give it to me, because as of five seconds ago I am a coin collector.
In the A.N.T Farm

Chyna: 3D calling with Fletcher Hey Fletcher! Fletcher? Hello?
Fletcher: You're my tiny little Chyna doll.

Chyna: Is there any way to disable this?
In the A.N.T Farm

Chyna: I meant disable the app, not Fletcher!

Olive: Presses alibi app Olive was at my place watching a television program when Fletcher was savagely attacked.
In the Girls lounge

Winter Maddox: Can't you see I'm listening to music, and that I don't like you?!
Chyna: Pulls Winter's headphones out of her mp3 and uses it as a microphone Well if you like music here's a song: Me my friends want to go out tonight but we need you to say it's alright. Please can we go to Karaoke? I know wanna say Okie-dokie.
Winter Maddox: I'd love for you to go into town, into traffic, into the light. But unfortunately I can't allow it because my job is to protect you obnoxious little buggers. Walks away

Chyna: To Olive She's more like the kind of Den Mother you'd find in a cave, surrounded by human bones.
At Karaoke OMG

Olive: That's Hashimoto, Mr Grundy's nemesis! I wish I had a nemesis, Chyna will you be my nemesis?
Chyna: No...

Olive: Raises her fist in Chyna's face You win this round Chyna, but this is far from over!


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  • In significANT other, Lexi said no one's going to break up with her, but in this and for the first time someone broke up with Lexi.
  • Angus Chestnut (Aedin Mincks) was absent in this episode.
  • During the karaoke scene, Chyna was dressed and parodying Hatsune Miku, a very popular virtual diva.
  • Trifecta, Blood Butcher, and Madame Goo Goo are mentioned.
  • When Lexi says "Can you say your line from Season 3 Episode 9?" she is actually referencing this episode itself, as this is the 9th episode from the third season of A.N.T. Farm.


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