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Yes it is tragic, but together we can conquer... Gibson Fever!

"philANThropy" is the eleventh episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on September 16, 2011.


When the heating and cooling system breaks down at Webster High, Chyna begs Principal Skidmore to do something about it. According to Skidmore, Webster High doesn't have the funding due to someone complaining about the bathroom stalls not having any doors, so Chyna suggests that she cuts something else from the budget. Unfortunately, Skidmore decides to fire Gibson from the school staff. Chyna feels responsible for him getting fired, so she convinces Olive and Fletcher to host a "Save Gibson" web-a-thon to raise money to cover his salary. Meanwhile, Cameron must pretend to be an old man to help Lexi out of a bind when she unfairly won a beauty pageant.







  • Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed returns after a 3 episode absence.
  • This is the first episode Angus is absent since InformANT.
  • This is the first time Paisley appears in an episode without Angus.

Fun Facts[]

  • This episode got 3.2 million views on the premiere.
  • It's revealed that Gibson does keep many possessions in his "office".
  • The name Dr. Himafraud is a pun on "I'm a Fraud"
  • Fletcher and Gibson saying that the double rainbow in the A.N.T. Farm is "So Intense" references the Double Rainbow Internet Meme
  • All the ANT students dressing as Gibson is a reference to Finnegan students dressing as Mr. Tater in Mr. Young episode Mr. Roboto.


  • Chyna claims that the day before she 'dissected' her own hand, but after the opening credits when it shows Chyna, Olive and Fletcher in the hallway, Chyna doesn't have a bandage on her 'dissected' hand. It couldn't be possible for it to heal that quickly.
  • At the end of the episode, Gibson tries to jump up and freeze in the air and phones start ringing. Chyna says that they don't need to call, but they wouldn't have known that Gibson was doing that because Gibson wasn't visible on the webcam. But this isn't really a goof, because they could have been hearing Gibson.
  • But if they were able to hear Gibson, that can lead to another goof because Chyna was near the webcam when she said that they were trying to raise money to get his job back, so the people watching the webcast should have known that they were lying.
  • In reality, it would be impossible for it to rain and snow indoors.
  • When Fletcher and Olive drink the water glasses, Chyna says they drank e i e i o, but they only drank two glasses, not three. 


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Memorable Quotes[]

Olive: Chyna, this idea is crazy.

Chyna: What do you want from me? I'm suffering from "Gibson Fever". Licorice?

Fletcher: I don't think anyone's going to believe this, but they'll probably think it's funny and donate anyway. Because you two, look ridiculous.