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"patANT pending" is the twenty-third episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on March 2, 2012.


After Chyna struggles with her heavy backpack, Olive and Fletcher see a business opportunity and come up with an idea for a massaging backpack. However, they are afraid of mixing friendship with business and decide to keep an inquiring Chyna out of the loop, which leads to Chyna thinking they're secretly dating. Meanwhile, Lexi is jealous of Paisley's broken arm and the attention she is receiving, so she pretends to break both her arms.






  • This episode attracted 2.8 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • Carlon Jeffery is absent in this episode.
  • This is the second time that Olive slaps Fletcher first was in TransplANTed
  • It is revealed Olive and Fletcher tried to take down Vegas together and now are wanted there.
  • Olive and Fletcher almost kiss due to Chyna thinking they're dating.


  • When Chyna says "You two have been acting weird since yesterday!" everyone is wearing the same clothes as "yesterday" when Olive and Fletcher came up with the plan.
  • In the phANTom locker Olive says that she's afraid of balloons but in this episode, there are balloons present and she doesn't seem scared.
  • In this episode, Fletcher states that he loves balloons, but later in Unforeseen circumstANTs, Chyna states that Fletcher is afraid of balloons. However, Fletcher could have developed his fear sometime in between the events of the two episodes.

Most Memorable Quotes[]

Chyna: This backpack is so heavy! My back is killing me! Bends down Okay, I think my back is stuck this way.

Fletcher: What do you have in there? A ton of bricks?

Chyna: Pulls out a huge textbook Yes, A Ton of Bricks by Kathleen Lambert
Olive: Business can really hurt a friendship. Let me illustrate. Let’s say my hand represents business and Fletcher represents friendship. (Slaps Fletcher)

Fletcher: Oww!
Olive: See? Let me use another example. Let’s say this fork represents business.

Fletcher: She gets it! She gets it!
Olive: Not so fast... I don't agree.

Chyna: Why don't you agree?
Olive: Why don't you agree?
Chyna: Oh, I do agree!
Olive: No you don't.
Chyna: This is about us rejecting your Batsack!
Olive: No it's not
Chyna: You seem upset.
Olive: I'm not upset, you're upset.
Chyna: Ok, I am upset.

Olive: No you're not.
Chyna: Ok, I kinda feel like that whatever I say you're just gonna say in the opposite to disagree with me.

Olive: No I'm not.
Chyna: Up.
Olive: Down.
Chyna: Happy.
Olive: Sad.
Chyna: Not.
Olive: Not, not.
Chyna: You know what forget this!
Olive: No, I'm gonna remember this!
Chyna: Raises her eyebrows

Olive: What? I have an eidetic memory, I'm gonna remember this.


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