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Paisley and Keith

Paisley Houndstooth and Keith



Ship Rivals

Caisley, Leith, and Faisley

Kaisley (K/eith and P/aisley) is the romantic pairing of Paisley Houndstooth and Keith. They used to seem happy about their relationship and were very close. They appeared as a couple in StudANT Council, Bad RomANTs, and ClarivoyANT until Cameron predicted that they were going to break up, and they did. This was not because he is psychic, but because Chyna and Olive made it happen. This ship mainly rivals Caisley (Ca/meron and Pa/isley), Leith (L/exi and K/eith), and Faisley (Fl/etcher and P/aisley).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Kaisley (K/eith and P/aisley)
  • Peith (P/aisley and K/eith)
  • Keitsley (Keit/h and Pa/isley)
  • Paiseith (Pais/ley and K/eith)
  • Keaisley (Ke/ith and P/aisley)

Kaisley Moments[]

StudANT Council[]

  • Paisley and Keith are seen dancing together at the dance.

Bad RomANTs[]

  • Paisley mentions that she is dating Keith.


  • They break up after Cameron predicts that they will, because Angus Chestnut runs into them and Paisley thinks that Keith is trying to hurt Angus.