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Lolive (L/exi and Olive) is the frenemy pairing between Lexi Reed and Olive Doyle. Not much is really known about the two, except they might be each other's nemesis. Or Lexi just thinks that Olive is annoying. This ship mainly rivals Cholive (Ch/yna and Olive), Chexi (Ch/yna and L/exi) and Polive (P/aisley and Olive).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Lolive (L/exi and Olive)
  • Olexi (O/live and Lexi)
  • Lexolive (Lex/i and Olive)
  • Olivexi (Olive and Le/xi)
  • Live (L/exi and Ol/ive)
  • Olixi (Oli/ve and Le/'xi')
  • Love (L/exi and O/li/ve)

Lolive Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • Lexi doesn't want Olive at her party.
  • Olive is scared of Lexi from the beginning.
  • Olive's yogurt splashes all over Lexi.
  • Olive doesn't seem upset when Lexi calls them 'freaks'. However, she may be good at hiding her feelings.
  • Lexi says that her mum is going to kill her, then Olive told her that she'll text Lexi the deets.


  • Lexi says that she hates Olive. She says, "Olive, your cheer was very educational, I learned that I hate you, next!" This makes Olive cry.
  • Lexi uses Olive's audition for homework.


Bad RomANTs[]

  • Lexi tells Olive that she should have been put on the front of the school newspaper.
  • Olive corrects Lexi after she says the school newspaper is a magazine.
  • Olive tells Lexi that she has to do something newsworthy to be put in the newspaper.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • Lexi says that Olive's hat is ugly.
  • Lexi doesn't invite Olive or Chyna to her slumber party.

Season 3 moments[]



  • Lexi and Olive discuss about the Ant Colony Queen and which ANT she really is.
  • Olive talks to Chyna that she can't or could be roommates with Lexi.
  • Olive gives Lexi her room after she said that there was a mix up: Chyna and Olive are roommates, found 2 women in the room and Olive said they are maids.

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