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Angus: Olive I am perfectly willing to love you just for your looks.

Olive and Angus

Angus Chestnut and Olive Doyle


Crush (Angus)

Frenemy (Olive)

Possible crush (Olive)


Start of relationship


Ship Rivals

Changus, Folive, Dilive and Colive

Angive (Ang/us and Ol/ive) is the platonic/romantic pairing of Angus Chestnut and Olive Doyle. They are friends, and Angus has a large crush on Olive, one which she does not return. It mainly rivals Changus (Ch/yna and Angus), Folive (F/etcher and Olive) and Langus (L/exi and ​Angus).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Alive (A/ngus and O/live)
  • Olus (Ol/ive and Ang/us)
  • Angolive (Ang/us and Ol/ive)
  • Angulive (Angu/s and O/live)
  • Anglive (Ang/us and O/live)
  • Olgus (Ol/ive and An/gus)
  • Ongus (O/live and An/gus)

Angive Moments[]

Season 1[]


  • Olive says they're friends.
  • Olive tells Chyna that she has plenty of friends to hang out with and says she can hang out with Angus.
  • Angus claims to have been waiting for such a moment and plays romantic music.
  • Olive backs away when he flirts with her.

StudANT Council[]

  • Angive1

    Angus and Olive walking down the hall together.

    Angus reads the book "How to Win a Girl with 10 Easy Steps" and takes Olive's father cheese tasting.
  • Angus tells Fletcher that he will have Olive hitting on him in no time, and soon afterward she accidentally hits him with a piñata stick.
  • Olive doesn't look sorry about hitting him.
  • Angus says that he "digs" her dark side.

Bad RomANTs[]

  • Angus and Olive help Fletcher with his sculpture by chewing gum together.
  • Angus tells Chyna and Fletcher that some guys like girls who are violent, meaning him and Olive.


  • Angus says Olive is his.
  • Angus says that if Nigel went after Olive, "he'd end up in a scrapheap".
  • Angus and Olive do the "double dream hands" dance move with Gibson.


  • Angus proposes to her in a text.
  • Olive seems concerned when Angus is in a wheelchair.
  • Angus sits by her at lunch.
  • He says he loves it when she "talks crazy".
  • Angus is jealous when he sees Olive flirting with Keith so crashes into him with his wheelchair.


  • ManagemANT 5

    Olive and Angus work together.

    Angus and Olive are partners in the home economics competition.
  • He calls her "angel face".
  • He calls her his future wife.
  • He buys a cleaning machine for her.
  • They high five when they win round two.
  • He's excited when he finds out the prize is a romantic dinner for two.
  • He makes a "Save the Date" card for their wedding.


  • Angus and Olive hack into the security system together.
  • Angus says he "digs" her little girl voice.
  • He says he also "digs" her deep voice.
  • He gives them the code names Mr. and Mrs. Chestnut.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

  • Angive

    Angus hugs Olive.

    When Olive loses her memory, Angus tries to convince her that he was her boyfriend.
  • Angus tries to kiss her to "remind" her.
  • When Olive calls Chyna her best friend, Angus believes she's talking about him and hugs her.
  • Angus is jealous when Olive says she's got a date with Joshie.


  • They sit beside each other in the cafeteria.
  • Angus agreed with her when she said she wouldn't be with Angus if she wanted to fit in.
  • He puts his arm around her and smiles.
  • They dress up like the people from Blood Butcher.

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

  • Angus says that Olive as an evil sorceress is "hot".
  • He locks arms with her.
  • He says he's her "arm candy".
  • He says he will go on the triple date as Olive's date.
  • Olive accepts and they go on a date.
  • Olive explains "pi" to Angus.
  • They sit next to each other at the restaurant.
  • Angus says that Olive's a handful, but worth it.
  • He doesn't mind but is hurt, when she throws bread in his face.

PatANT Pending[]

  • ANGIVE122

    Angus arranges a quick marriage for him and Olive.

    Olive wears Angus's hoodie.
  • Angus says Olive's his.
  • Olive willingly invites Angus to join her business with Fletcher and Chyna.
  • Angus believes that Olive's "proposal" is one of marriage and reveals he has a quick ceremony arranged.
  • Olive says that Angus always agree with everything she says, and he agrees too.
  • Angus agrees with everything Olive says.

Ballet DANTser[]

  • Angus tries to hug her.
  • He looks hurt when she refuses to hug him.
  • He holds onto her when Violet comes in.
  • He hugs her when he realises it's just Violet.
  • Olive looks concerned when Violet kicks Angus.
  • Angus passes the golden egg to Olive instead of Violet and Lexi.
  • He stares at her dreamily.
  • He wraps his arm around her.

Body of EvidANTs[]

  • He protectively hugs her in the panic room.
  • He thinks he's her "cute little boy".
  • When Olive tells him she was talking about Hagel, Angus is upset.
  • Angus wants her to rub his belly.
  • When Olive tells him she was talking to Hagel again, he looks jealous.
  • He puts his arm around her.
  • She blames him for killing Hagel.
  • Angus tries to tell her it wasn't him.
  • He admits he's jealous that Olive's giving all of her attention to Hagel.

Season 2[]

Creative ConsultANT[]

  • During this episode, Angus and Olive seem to spend a lot of time together.
  • Olive excitedly grabbed onto Angus when she saw Sequoia.
  • Olive called Angus an idiot.
  • Olive and Angus both left the cafeteria together.
  • Olive blames Chyna again for calling Angus an idiot.
  • Olive agrees with Angus that Sequoia has a better life than Chyna.
  • Olive and Angus walked into the room together, alone.
  • Olive happily explained to Angus what type of sharks they were.
  • Olive and Angus both cheer for Chyna.
  • Olive and Angus both were very excited about Sequoia and they keep glance at each other.
  • While they were glancing at each other their hands touched for a little moment.
  • Angus was hurt when Olive called him an idiot.
  • Olive looked Angus in his eyes and put her hand on his shoulder while she asked what was he doing.
  • They came to save Chyna's life together.


  • Olive watched as Angus walked out with his pants on his ankles.
  • Angus squirmed away when Lexi tried to kiss him, possibly because of his crush on Olive.

FANTasy Girl[]

  • Angus only agreed to develop photos for the dance to spend time with Olive.
  • Angus called Olive Baby boo-boo
  • Olive promised Angus that she would dance with him if he dropped the complaint.
  • Angus tried to put his arm around Olive.
  • Angus and Olive dance together.

Modeling AssignmANT[]

  • Angus agrees to help Olive and Fletcher.


  • Olive and Angus (and Fletcher) laugh together at the brick email.
  • Angus agreed 5 minutes alone with Olive would be amazing

The ANTagonist[]

  • Angus stared dreamily at Olive, while everyone else laughed at her.
  • Angus serves Fletcher for Olive but later serves Olive back


  • Olive didn't care about Neville
  • Angus and Olive go to the gift shop together instead of searching for Fletcher.
  • Angus is offended when Olive admits she teases Fletcher because she loves him, (in a totally platonic way) but she doesn't tease Angus.
  • Angus seemed annoyed at Neville when he hinted that Olive should be eaten first.


  • Angus and Olive are hugging (along with Chyna and Fletcher).
  • Olive seemed to be a little scared when Angus hit his head with the door.
  • Angus and Olive (with Chyna and Fletcher) hug in the couch all confronting each other.
  • Angus considers Olive (and Chyna) as a close friend because instead of Fletcher he claims he is the "third amigo" not Fletcher.
  • Angus was happy for Olive that the Music and Art programs will still be going on.
  • Olive and Angus were standing next to each other in the cafeteria.


  • Angus changed Olive's results in the I.Q.
  • Angus wants Olive to go out with him.
    Tumblr me064nTLBI1qeewuqo1 500
  • Angus seems concerned when Olive leaves the ANT Farm upset.

SignificANT Other[]

  • Angus tries asking Olive on a date 3 times during this episode.
  • Angus sings Olive a romantic song called 'Date Me'.

MutANT Farm II[]

  • Angus tried to impress Olive.

Season 3[]


  • Olive says that, She and Angus live in civility.

Photo Gallery[]

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Angive Songs[]

  • As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber
  • Any Kind Of Guy by BTR
  • All Day by Cody Simpson
  • Angel by Cody Simpson
  • Animal by Neon Trees
  • Because Of You by Ronan Parke
  • Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
  • Burnin' up by Jonas Brothers
  • Beautiful girl by Chord Overstreet
  • Beautiful girl by Sean Kingston
  • Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John
  • Crazy But True by Cody Simpson
  • Crash by Cody Simpson
  • Change Your Mind by Boyce Avenue
  • Die In Your Arms by Justin Bieber
  • Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Glee Cast
  • Don't Cry Your Heart Out by Cody Simpson
  • Don't You Want Me cover by Glee
  • Everything by Lifehouse
  • Escape by Enrique Iglesia
  • Everlong by Foo Fighters
  • Everything you have by Vertical Horizon
  • Forever young by One Direction
  • Feel by Robbie Williams
  • Far Away by Nickelback
  • Give A Little More by Maroon 5
  • Give Me Just A Little More Time by General Johnson
  • Grenade by Bruno Mars
  • Give Love A Try by Nick Jonas
  • Hero by Enrique Iglesias
  • Hello I Love You by The Doors
  • Harder To breath by Maroon 5
  • How I Feel About You Know by Miranda Cosgrove
  • Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
  • Heartbeat by Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger
  • If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift
  • I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
  • I Was Born To Love You by Queen
  • It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
  • I Do It For You by Bryan Adams
  • I Should've Kissed You
  • It's Not Unusual by Glee Cast
  • I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder
  • If You Were Mine by Marcos Hernandez
  • I'm the only one with cover by Mark Salling
    Tumblr m5j234bqMk1r7u08h
  • Iyiyi by Cody Simpson
  • If I cried a thousand tears by RJ Helton
  • Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  • Kiss And Tell by Selena Gomez
  • Kissin U by Miranda Cosgrove
  • Keep On Loving You by Speedwagon
  • Love Story by Taylor Swift
  • Lovebug by Jonas Brothers
  • Love Me by Justin Bieber
  • Let Me Be The One With by Jimmy Bondoc
  • Lucky by Jason Mraz
  • L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole
  • Let Me Love You by One Direction
  • My Girl by Mindless Behavior
  • My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
  • Me And You Against The World
  • Make You Feel My Love by Adele
  • Misery by Maroon 5
  • Nobody Knows by One Direction
  • No Air by Glee Cast
  • One Time by Justin Bieber
  • On My Mind by Cody Simpson
  • Oh Yeah by Big Time Rush
  • Open Your Heart To Me by Glee Cast
  • One by Cody Simpson
  • Paralyzed by Big Time Rush
  • Payphone by Maroon 5
  • Perfect by Cody Simpson
  • Stereo Hearts' by Gym Class Heroes
  • Stutter by Maroon 5
  • Stay My Baby by Miranda Cosgrove
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  • Say Something by Austin Mahone
  • Take You by Justin Bieber
  • The Only Exception
  • This Love by Maroon 5
  • This Is Love by William
  • Takin' Back My Love by Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara
  • Take Care Of Yourself cover by Damian McGinty
  • Tonight I'm Loving You by Enrique Iglesias
  • Thought Of You by Justin Bieber
  • Take a Hint by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies
  • U Smile by Justin Bieber
  • Valentine's Girl by Mindless Behavior
  • Valentine by Cody Simpson
  • Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher
  • Wish You Were Here by Cody Simpson
  • When You Look Me In The Eyes by Jonas Brothers
  • What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
  • We Are Shooting Stars by Ronan Parke
  • Why by Naked Brothers Band
  • Who's that girl by Guy Sebastian
  • You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
  • You And I by Lady Gaga
  • You Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears

Angive Fanon[]

Angive Song: My Girl by Mindless Behavior- This song describes how Angus feels about Olive, and also he calls Olive his girl quite a bit.

Angive Color: Green- Angus, and Olive often wear a lot of green and even match sometimes.

Angive Food: Hamburger- In the episode Some EnchANTed Evening, Angus puts a hamburger on his body because he says it brings in the ladies. Maybe he was trying to impress Olive or has tried with that technique before.

Angive Animal: Sharks- In Creative ConsultANT when they went to save Chyna's life, Olive was explaining to Angus what breed of sharks were in the tank.

Angive Band: Blood Butcher- In PreformANTs, Angus and Olive dressed up as goths to talk to Blood Butcher.

Angive Day: June 1st- This was the day Creative ConsultANT aired. In that

episode, Olive and Angus spent some time together and Olive did not seem angry to do so like normal.

Angive Dance: Olive's Dance- In FANTasy Girl, Angus and Olive danced Olive's dance together.

Angive drink: Lemonade because Olive throws lemonade to Angus in SignificANT other.

Angive Dictionary[]


Angive: The official name of the romantic pairing of Angus Chesnut and Olive Doyle.


Beautiful: Angus thinks Olive is beautiful

Blood Butcher: The official Angive band


Care: Despite the fact they don't always show it, they care about each other


Doubtful: What Angus and Olive's possible relationship is


Enchanted: Angus is enchanted to see Olive


Faithful: Angive fans are faithful


Green: The official Angive color.


Hamburger: The official Angive food.


Idiot: Olive thinks Angus is an idiot.


Jealousy: What Angus feel's when he sees a boy flirting with Olive.

June 1st: The official Angive day.


Kiss: What they should do.


Nice: How their relationship would be.


Sedin: The real-life pairing of Sierra McCormick and Aedin Mincks.

Sharks: The official Angive animal.

What Angus thinks of Olive[]

  • Angus thinks it's hot when Olive gets in his head
  • Angus like Olive's dark side
  • Angus loves when Olive talks crazy
  • Angus thinks that he is Olive's arm candy
  • Angus thinks Olive is his woman
  • Angus thought he was Olive's cute little boy
  • Angus has a massive crush on Olive

What Olive thinks of Angus []

  • Olive thinks Angus is an idiot
  • She sometimes cares about him
  • She might think Angus is a player
  • She likes Fletcher more than Angus

Angus nicknames for Olive[]

  • My Woman
  • Angel Face
  • Baby Boo Boo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Angus Chesnut
  • Hottie


  • They are both A.N.T.s.
  • They are both mildly self-centered.
  • Their talents both require the use of their brains (Angus for computers, Olive for academics).
  • They both agree that Olive is beautiful.
  • They both like to dance.
  • Both are odd.
  • Both are photographic.
  • They both like to tease Fletcher, while also caring for him.

Relationship Dynamic[]

Angus and Olive have an odd relationship, Angus has shown to have an unrequited crush on Olive. She despises his love and even though she does not like him he still loves her.  Even though Olive doesn't like Angus their relationship has developed over the last three seasons, Olive no longer shows disgust towards Angus. In the episode, ConfinemANT Olive seemed concerned when he crashed into the door.

Some episodes have shown that Olive does not care about Angus's feelings and she hurts him when she can. Even though Olive rejects Angus he still supports her. Olive always calls Angus an idiot because he is a player. He tries to be cool because he thinks Olive loves that kind of guy. In the most recent episodes, Angus is not trying to flirt with her. Maybe he realized that Olive does not like players.


  •  It is shown that Angus doesn't ship Folive since he wants to be with Olive.

Fanfics That Include Angive[]