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"Olive's Rap"
Song by Sierra McCormick
Genre(s): Hip-hop, Rap
Length: 0:25
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Olive's Rap is a song written by Chyna Parks and was rapped by Olive Doyle. Chyna used it to trick Olive into running for A.N.T. representative in the Season 1 episode StudANT Council. Olive fell for it thinking she was actually helping Chyna with a song.

(Note: The words in bold indicate what was used in the translation.)


Original Rap:[]

Elf on my windowsill, next to the doily
Had some mice stew but it was too olive oily
My skills to recount are innately phenomenal
Four dents in my bumper but the damage is nominal

Words used:[]

Y, olive doil, nome innate mice elf four stew dent coun sill. Holla!  


I, Olive Doyle, nominate myself for student council. Holla!



  • This song is one of the 3 songs that have a character name in the song title. The other 2 are Gibson Go Away, and Hey, New Kid
  • This is the first time Olive says "holla."
  • This is the first time Olive has rapped.
  • Olive seems to be pretty good at rapping.