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"mutANT farm 2" is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It is first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on October 5, 2012. It is the sequel to mutANT farm.


Chyna Parks returns to the MutA.N.T. Program, where monsters like Chyna go to school with normal high school students. When Chyna soon develops a crush on a cute human boy named Holland, she pretends to be human in order to spend quality time with him and when Fletcher finds out he tries to spy on them to make sure nothing serious is going on between them and things get ore unraveled when Lexi, who also has a crush on Holland, exposes Chyna's mutant origin. Meanwhile, Olive clones herself to be in two places at once, but when her Igor-like assistant Violet accidentally lets the clone loose, it creates more clones and they wreak havoc on the school.








  • This is the sequel to the season 1 episode, mutANT Farm, and is also the first sequel episode ever.
  • *Just like the first mutANT farm, this entire episode takes place in a fantasy world/alternate universe, so none of the characters from the main show appear in the episode.
  • Carlon Jeffery (Cameron Parks) didn't appear at all.
  • Olive's 'Clone War' could be a possible reference to the famous Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Although Gibson, Darryl, and Svetlana were in the first mutANT Farm, they were not seen in this episode.
  • Also, Hippo was not in the original mutANT Farm and was in this episode.
  • Chyna's snake hairdo is different from the original: There are fewer snakes than usual, and they are much bigger.
  • Her hair is not as elaborate as Olive's brain, however in the first one they were more similar in size.
  • Fletcher is annoyed when Chyna is pacing back and forth, so she decides to fly back and forth, however, there is a no flying in the school sign right behind them.
  • The sequel to this episode is mutANT farm 3.
  • It is unknown if Holland even exists, as the mutANT farm episodes take place in a fantasy world/alternate universe.

Most Memorable Quotes[]

Chyna: To Fletcher That's weird... why do they have a statue of my Uncle Clarence?
Holland: Yeah, the weird guy in the litter box; is he OK? Is someone coming to get him?


  • When Lexi holds up the mirror, you can only see her and the hanger, but Fletcher had a costume on top of him, so that should have been visible too.
  • In the credits, Chyna turned Holland into stone, and she couldn't turn him back to normal, but in MutA.N.T. Farm, she turned Cameron into stone and can get him back to normal. However, this is most likely due to him being her brother which makes him part gorgon.
  • In the credits, Chyna had several ex-boyfriends that she accidentally turned to stone. In the middle of the episode she said to Fletcher that she didn't know anything about humans, but her ex-boyfriends were all human. Also, in mutANT farm 3, Chyna mentions she can't turn mutants to stone.


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