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Minor Ships are ships on the show that are plausible, but are not given much airtime due to one of the members having an unstable role on the show. Some of the characters are just one-time appearances. Ships that have not developed enough on the show, also fall under this category. If a ship shows signs of development, it is possible for that ship to get its own page.
Note: Remember to put the pairing names in alphabetic order so that they are easy to be found.

Examples of Minor Ships[]

  • Angley (Ang/us and Pais/ley)
  • Camanne (Cam/eron and Rox/anne)
  • Chaisley (Ch/yna and P/aisley)
  • Charlive (Char/lie and O/live)
  • Chigel (Ch/yna and N/igel)
  • Chyanne (Chy/na and Ro/anne)
  • Colive (C/ameron and Olive)
  • Flexi (F/letcher and Lexi)
  • Jolive (Jo/shie and O/live)
  • Langus (L/exi and Angus)
  • Leith (L/exi and K/eith)
  • Polive (P/aisley and Olive)

Angus and Paisley[]

Angley is the friendship pairing between Paisley and Angus


  • Paisley dumped Keith because he ran Angus over.

Cameron and Roxanne[]

Cammane is the mother-son relationship of Cameron and Roxanne


  • Cameron hugs his mom.

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • Even though Cameron's dad bought him 49ers tickets, he wanted to take Roxanne instead.

Chyna and Paisley[]

Chaisley is the friendship pairing of Chyna and Paisley

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • Paisley said that Chyna's party looked awesome.
  • Paisley wanted to stay at Chyna's slumber party because she said it was fun.


Charlive is the friendship/romantic pairing of Charlie Brown and Olive

The InformANT[]

  • Olive thinks Charlie Brown's dance moves are cool.
  • Olive marvels at Charlie for drinking out of a sippy cup and possibly wearing aftershave.
  • Olive was disappointed that Charlie lied about himself.

Chyna and Nigel[]

Chigel is the romantic/friendship pairing of Chyna and Nigel


  • Chyna said that Nigel was an amazing actor.
  • Chyna asked Nigel out on a date.
  • Chyna and Nigel went on a roller skating date.
  • Nigel suggested that Chyna hold on to him.

Chyna and Roxanne[]

Chyanne is the mother-daughter relationship of Chyna and Roxanne


  • Roxanne (and Darryl) gives Chyna a hug.


  • Chyna gives her mom a hug.

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • Roxanne buys Chyna a tuba.

Fletcher and Lexi[]


Flexi is the frenemy pairing of Fletcher and Lexi.


  • Fletcher went to Lexi's party.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • When Fletcher was doing the girls' hair, she said the party was lame and they should go back to her party.
  • Lexi decided to get her hair done by Fletcher. He decided on a hairstyle based on her personality and said it would be hot, smiling kind of like he smiles at Chyna.

You're the One That I WANT[]

  • Lexi and Fletcher team up to sabotage Chyna's lead in the play.
  • They tell each other how they feel about Chyna getting the lead in the play at the beginning of the episode.
  • They both say "What!?" at the same time when they use Olive's idea for the play, with Chyna and Jared as the lead.
  • They vent their feelings to each other about Chyna and Jared.
  • They both walk in together.
  • She looked at him.
  • She sits behind him.

Ballet dANTser[]

  • They took ballet together, along with Violet, Angus, Olive, and Chyna
  • It is possible they auditioned together alone offscreen, since she already had the role of the princess, and he scored the role of the Prince.
  • Due to their roles, they were supposed to kiss.
  • She doesn't mistreat him in this episode.

In PerformANTs, she learned guitar from the Turtleerky, even after knowing that it was Fletcher. She giggled, leaned on him, he held her hands on the guitar, and by doing so, pretty much had his arms around her waist, since he was behind her.

In ScavANTger hunt, they are seen talking alone off to the side of the classroom before class started. He sits behind her in class. They are both annoyed by Paisley's stupidity. At one point, Lexi exasperated for Paisley to just let him talk. After Paisley comes in with a giraffe, Lexi and Fletcher smile radiantly at each other and high five.

In SignificANT other, she thought he was hitting on her when he made a declaration of love (meant for Chyna) saying:" You're the most beautiful girl in the world. " She looks straight at Chyna and says, "your boyfriend is flirting with me".

In InfluANTces, they sit together and he looks at her many times.


Jolive is the friendship pairing of Joshie an Olive

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

  • Olive puts Joshie's tower back together.
  • She tells him to grow up when he cries.
  • Olive invites Chyna to her playdate with Joshie.

Lexi and Angus[]

Langus is the friendship/romantic pairing of Lexi and Angus


  • Lexi tries to kiss Angus.
  • Angus agrees to fix her computer.
  • Lexi brags about Angus.
  • Lexi pretends to have a crush on Angus until he tells her: "I'm just a little boy."
  • She says: "There's a boy from school coming over."

Lexi and Keith[]

Leith is the romantic pairing of Lexi and Keith

Bad RomANTs[]

  • Lexi said she was dating Keith.

Olive and Paisley[]

Polive is the friendship pairing of Paisley and Olive

StudANT Council
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  • Paisley tells Olive that she has been hit in the face seven times, she possibly told her thinking she'll care.

Bad RomANTs[]

  • Paisley was concerned about what Olive was doing.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • They both team up to win, but lose the game show, "The Brainy Bunch".
  • They both share a hotel room together.


  • Paisley and Olive hang out after Olive finds out her I.Q.

Olive and Violet[]


Ballet DANTser[]

  • Olive told Violet where Fletcher was.


  • They both sang together as Chyna's back-up singers.

Chyna and Jared[]

Chared is the friendship/romantic pairing of Chyna and Jared

You're the One That I wANT[]

  • When Chyna and Olive made changes to the script and gave Jared a lot more lines, He said they did brilliant work and kissed Chyna's hand.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Jared strolled past Chyna then winked at her and said "What's cookin', good lookin'?" Although, he was in character.
  • He asked Chyna to dance with him
  • They danced together until Samuel French interrupted
  • They were the leads in the school plays

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

  • Jared helped Chyna on her date and pretended to be her boyfriend.

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