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This page is for minor characters who have had small roles in the series. Not enough information is known about these characters to create a full page.

Abigail Timmons[]

Abigail Timmons is a student at Webster High School who Lexi despises. She was on the front page multiple times of the school newspaper, The Howler. Abigail saved Paisley from choking on a grape and an old man from a burning building. She almost put out a fire in the cafeteria, but Lexi got in her way. While they were fighting over the fire extinguisher, Wacky the Wolf put out the fire. Abigail appears in Bad RomANTs.


Alex is an A.N.T. in the A.N.T. Program. His talent is exercise, and possibly sports, which makes him similar to other ANTs like Violet and Svetlana. In MutANT Farm, he is a skeleton. He can be seen in different scenes from previous episodes, but his name wasn't revealed until MutANT Farm. He is mostly seen in the back of the A.N.T. Farm and is usually on a treadmill. In TrANTsferred, it is revealed that his treadmill running powers the whole school. However, it is not revealed how the school is powered when he goes to class.


Annabella is a minor character on A.N.T. Farm. She is seen talking to an unknown boy in the halls of Webster High School with a Free-Village Bag. She knows Chyna Parks, being that Chyna compliments her on her bookbag. The actress who plays her is uncredited.


Benny Benny, played by Noah Martin, is a 13-year-old robot expert in the A.N.T. Program. In TransplANTed, he had an android wave to Chyna and say "greetings". He is seen throughout several episodes of the show but never had any lines. In ParticipANTs, he was seen with the other ANTs finding an extra-curricular activity. He was also seen in Bad RomANTs.


Bernie is a puppet who starred on Poppyseed Place and hosted the Doll Beauty Pageant in AmusemANT Park. He served two years in prison for insulting puppetry and had a police line-up before the amusement park opened. According to him, he is divorced and was threw out by his ex-wife and he was dating a piece of Red Carpet in Hollywood. Bernie also didn't see a bomb from Olive and her doll since he went to see Cookie Monster on Broadway and the color purple. He claims Paisley's an airhead. He is a parody of Ernie and his old show, Sesame Street.


Bob is the boyfriend of Gibson's grandmother. Whenever his name is said, it's pronounced with bitterness (pronounced as bawwb). In Bad RomANTs, he beat Angus at a dance contest. Gibson obviously not fond of Bob, partially because he is the reason that his grandmother is moving out of the apartment that Gibson and his grandmother used to live in. He is the only person that is able to beat Gibson at Gibson Pursuit and also beat him in a Pie-eating contest. So far he has never been seen or heard. Gibson really hates him. 


Ella's first appearance was in Some EnchANTed Evening as Fletcher's fake girlfriend. When Fletcher asked her out, she mistook what he said and thought that he needed a babysitter. She also babysat Angus. She is kind, and she is shown to be very good with kids. It is unknown if she will appear in any of the following episodes. This character is portrayed by Caroline Sunshine from Disney's Shake it Up. Her name, as well as the title, may be a reference to Gail Carson Levine's book Ella Enchanted.


Emma is a former member of the A.N.T. Program. What her talent was is a mystery. According to Olive, she went to retrieve her lunch from her locker during lunch period and was swept away by older and larger students and presumably suffered fatal injuries, much like Angus. Now, nobody (except for Olive, of course) can even remember her, or they have sworn never to speak of it.


Hayley is a minor character on A.N.T Farm who knows Chyna Parks. She attends Webster High School. Chyna is seen complimenting her on her Free-Village Bag in the episode "The InformANT".



Justine is the main antagonist on High Heels High. She is very devious. She has only appeared in SciANTs Fair. She is similar to Lexi Reed. She often uses her fingers like quotation marks for no apparent reason. Justine is the typical mean girl in High School. She has a clique of four other girls. She calls herself the "baddest bad girl in school". She is portrayed by Carrie Reichenbach.



Kate is the little girl who appeared in the episode FraudulANT. She had a princess birthday party which was hosted by Roxanne at the Parks Residence. She is portrayed by Simone Lopez.



Keith was Paisley's boyfriend. He was first mentioned in Bad RomANTs, but wasn't officially seen until "'ClairvoyANT'", when Cameron predicted that he and Paisley would break up which they did. In Bad RomANTs, Lexi said that she was dating him. The actor who plays him is uncredited.


Legan is an assumed student at Webster High. It is unknown who he is, but he was mentioned as a guest star in the credits of TransplANTed. Cameron is seen talking to him on his cell phone in the episode IgnorANTs Is Bliss. He is portrayed by Connor Weil.

Lunch Ladies[]

The Lunch Lady is a staff worker in the cafeteria. She first appeared in Bad RomANTs, where she ran when a fire had started in the kitchen. She was later seen in ClairvoyANT, where she received a Webster Award. She also appeared in MutANT Farm. It is uncredited and unknown who portrays her. She later appeared in Slumber Party ANTics, serving food to the students. Although, in PerformANTs there was another lunch server named "Angel".


Megan is one of the ANTs who appeared in Slumber Party ANTics. When she got an invitation, her name was revealed.

Mr. Marceau[]

Mr. Marceau is a science teacher at Webster High School. He was seen in SciANTs Fair and his name was mentioned by Chyna in this episode. He was shown to be very annoying, talking with an unusually loud voice. He constantly yells for no reason due to his wife recently having a baby girl and his mother-in-law moving in. Now he "never gets any peace and quiet". Because of no peace and quiet, he gave everyone in his class A's because he was too stressed to grade them. He is portrayed by Chris Wylde.


Naya is the brunette ANT that is seen at the back table doing homework. In PhANTom Locker, she is seen talking to Fletcher, until Principal Skidmore interrupts. When Skidmore leaves, Fletcher insults Skidmore, and has his girl disguise blame Naya. In Slumber Party ANTics, she is seen getting an invitation from Chyna, where her name is revealed. She also made the transfer to Z-Tech.


  • According to the subtitles, her name is spelled Niya, but "Naya" is the more common spelling for the name ("Niya" is more likely to be pronounced Nee-ah, and when Chyna pronounced it, she said Ny-ah).
  • Based on the information in endurANTs, she seems to be an architectural prodigy, but her prodigy tag is not clearly visible.

New Kid[]

Chyna's crush, the new kid

New Kid is a student at Webster High School whose name is unknown. He appears only in The PhANTom Locker. Chyna is always trying to talk to him because she has a crush on him. She wrote him a song, titled "Hey, New Kid", although she never performed it for him, most likely because she was too nervous or maybe she took Olive's advice of changing it because it was too "spitty". She attempted to leave a note in his locker stating that she had feelings for him and asking if he liked her back. She ended up putting it in the locker next to it, though, which belonged to Angus. Upon receiving it, he wrote on it, gave it back to Chyna, and when she read it, it said "no", much to her anger. Angus comments "Don't hate the player, hate the game" and walks away. It is unknown if New Kid will appear in any more episodes, or if Chyna still has feelings for him. He was not credited but is portrayed by Payton Scott.

Officer 3-9 (Charlie Brown)[]


Officer 3-9, also know by his undercover name Charlie Brown is Darryl Parks' police officer friend. He was hired to spy on Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher in the episode "The InformANT "after Darryl accuses Chyna of shoplifting. He is slightly clumsy but is very professional at his job, in which he often beats up criminals to get information out of them or stop them. When Chyna asked him what his talent was (as he was pretending to be a new student in theA.N.T. Program), he told her dancing, although when Olive asked him to dance, he used martial arts. When undercover, he acts like a very young kid, so much that Fletcher thought he was only 8 years old, this is supported by the fact that he has dwarfism. He is portrayed by Mark Povinelli.



Sebastian is a supposed baby prodigy. Skidmore asks them to find his talent, which is very hard as he is a baby. They give him a piano, a brush, and Violet thinks his talent is karate. Chyna takes him to her house and her dad tells her to "let the baby go by itself", Then Olive "put words into her mouth" and that gave them an idea to bring the baby and make him sing to Principal Skidmore, which Skidmore figures out that it is Chyna in a cabinet singing, and Principal Skidmore reveals that he is not an actual prodigy, she just tricked them into babysitting him while she goes shoe shopping. He is also Skidmore's grandson. Sebastian is portrayed by twins Jaxen and Masen Willert.

Taffy and Envelope[]


Taffy and Envelope (formerly T-Bone and Crouton) are two of Cameron's friends. They go to Webster High School. Their only appearance was in StudANT Council.



Zanko has appeared twice, in FraudulANT and Secret agANT. In FraudulANT, he was Fletcher's inspiration to become an artist. He was a great artist until he lost his inspiration and disappeared to become a birthday party entertainer. Zanko was a birthday party entertainer at the beginning of the episode but later took credit for Fletcher's artwork. In the end, the A.N.T.s and Wacky retrieve the painting, only for Chyna to discover that Fletcher replaced the painting with "forgery," which was still an original since it was created by the same artist.

Tina Garcetti[]

Tina Garcetti is a girl from the '80s that young Zoltan Grundy has a crush on.


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Jessika Van

Sunshine is a goth girl that works at the shop Toxic Wasteland. She gives Cameron the job as a tattoo artist.


  • She is the assistant manager at the shop, Toxic Wasteland.
  • She hates Lexi Reed because she is blonde and pretty.
  • She has said that she has a relationship with "Kthulu The Dark Lord of the Underworld".
  • Her name is a joke with her personality.