aka Rachel

  • I live in the place called way up North, eh? lol
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is gettting through la vie uno jour at a fois
  • I am too cool for school! (Just kidding I go every week day)
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  • Hii :D i like your profile it's simple but awesome unlike mine it's a mess, i really need to work on it :)

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  • I see you like China, we have this wiki that's kind of like a disney channel parody, where we make shows and stuff, you can check it out and stuff, you basically have a celeb look a like and you can audition for shows and movies and stuff? :D We have a new series coming out called "Ray & Erin", Ray is the main character and a Chyna (China McClain) look a like is the main role. Just wanted to know if you would be intrested in playing her :D if you do, you also get a doll and stuff! It's really a lot of fun, you can check out the wiki [[1]] and let me know if you're intrested :)

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  • Ookay so i am just kinda bored can we talk about something???

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  • so that dechel-auslly-flyna has been blocked for 2 weeks now she asked me to tell u to go talk to her on any of these wikis  they are :) :

    Dechel wiki, Songs4Fun and OvernightSensation wiki, Whatever you want wiki and Austin & Ally wiki.

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  • I need a shoulder to cry on. It's hard to explain but apparently I'm accused on sock poppeting which really hurts.


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  • I could see you're on so I decided to say hi! I saw you from the Flyna page :)

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    • Yeah. I have to go back to school in two weeks D: I am not looking forward to it :((. I'm gonna sleep in while I still can.

      Thats true. I have my family desktop which isnt working at the moment (lol), the family laptop, my moms (that doesnt work), my dads, my sister and my brothers seperate laptops, They are good for school work though.

      Oh, I like the hotness, but my city has sooo many misquitos! (if thats how you spell it). A couple days ago we had a couple hundered flying in our house! We had to go to the basement for the night and lock all the doors in the house!

      I know right. Sabrina is sorta like Sierra if you really think about it.

      I know right! well, it IS August now, lol. Did you finish the book series?

      And sorry I kind of went missing for a month or two. I went on vacation!

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    • I've been at school for quite a while now since I last wrote that! Now I'm finally feeling the high school pressure!

      Wow your house is packed! I got a new laptop on the weekend and it's way better than the old!

      Gah I hate them! One time I had like 10 (?) bites on my legs! Atleast in winter they don't come out!

      GMW airs here this Monday, I'm not sure. I think they have the same hair style and colour, and yeah!

      God, oh, I did last month. Spoiler alert: I cried. The ending of Allegiant is even more sad than TFIOS

      Cool! Where did you go?

      Hey, do you have Kik?

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