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Mark Jordan Legan is an American writer and radio personality who has written A.N.T. Farm episodes as well.

Early life[]

He has written for the television programs A.N.T. Farm, Gary Unmarried, Dave's World, That '70s Show, Grace Under Fire, The Fighting Fitzgeralds, and The Cosby Show.

He created the critically acclaimed satire Thanks and recently co-wrote the controversial terrorism comedy The Cell, which landed him on the cover of the New York Times Arts & Leisure section ("Funniest script in Hollywood that no one will ever make.").

He appears regularly on NPR's Day to Day podcasts that spotlight strange, weird and offbeat cinema from around the world. He also writes and hosts the video series, "NPR & Slate's Summary Judgment" as well as "Summary Judgment" and "The Worst Cinematic Crap That's Ever Been Made" for SlateV.com.

List of A.N.T. Farm episodes Mark has written[]