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Langus is the romantic/friendship pairing of Lexi and Angus.

Langus Moments []

Season 2[]


  • Angus told Cameron he was dating Lexi, but that was probably to get him riled up because Cameron likes Lexi.
  • Lexi wanted Angus' help to fix her computer.


  • Angus is seen waving at Lexi with a smile on his face.


  • While practicing their dance moves, Angus and Lexi are shown talking.
  • When Lexi comments that she is beautiful, Angus replies "Yeah, you are."


  • In the first story, Angus and Lexi's arms are linked together.
  • In the second, Lexi plays as Angus' mom. This is shown when they accidentally arrive at the church.

Season 3[]

PANTs on fire[]

  • After Lexi sits down to Angus, it is said that Lexi told Angus to never talk to her. But, obviously, Lexi is talking to him after it's revealed that Angus is related to a "prince."
  • Later in the episode, Lexi teaches Angus how to be royal.
  • Lexi soon loses interest when she finds out Angus' cousin isn't really royalty. Fortunately, she changes her mind when she hears his cousin has a private jet.
  • Before the episode ended, Lexi and Angus are talking to each other again.

FinANTial crisis[]

  • Both Lexi and Angus are interacting with one another throughout the episode.
  • Lexi and Angus work together in the spa.

The new york experiANTs[]

  • Angus helps Lexi get the role of Goldilocks.
  • At the end of Lexi's performance, Angus is the first to clap, and yells out "Bravo!"

Lexi's View of Angus[]

  • Somewhat, Lexi would rather hang out with Angus over any other A.N.T. This shows us that she finds Angus more appealing.
  • Lexi still despises Angus, but only a little.
  • She can sometimes consider Angus a nerd.
  • Lexi thinks of Angus as a computer geek.

Angus' s View of Lexi[]

  • Angus thinks Lexi is beautiful.
  • Angus considers Lexi as "one of us" when he's with the other A.N.T.'s.