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Lexi Reed
Full Name

Alexis Taylor Reed





Date of Birth

December 6, 1996

Resides in

San Francisco, California


Student and Cheerleader (Webster High)
A.N.T. (Z-Tech School)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Mrs. Reed (mother)
Mr. Reed (father)
Princess (pet dog)


Seth Weisman (ex-boyfriend)
Keith (ex-boyfriend)
Chad (boyfriend/ex-boyfriend)
Dixon Ticonderoga (ex-crush)


Paisley Houndstooth (BFF)
Chyna Parks
Olive Doyle
Angus Chestnut
Cameron Parks


Chyna (Arch-Enemy)
Olive (Sometimes)
Fletcher (Sometimes)
Cameron Parks
People who are better than her


Age 15 (Season 1)
Age 16 (Season 2)
Age 17 (Season 3)


Webster High from (Season 1-2)
Z-Tech Prodigy School from (Season 3)


Webster High

First Episode


Last Episode

The New York ExperiANTs

Portrayed By

Stefanie Scott

You have got to be kidding me!
— Lexi's catchphrase

Alexis Taylor "Lexi" Reed is a main character and antagonist/anti-hero in A.N.T. Farm. She is most recently a student at Z-Tech Prodigy School where she is the head cheerleader and a self-described "Math Princess".

She was the freshman president of the student council and captain of the cheerleading squad at Webster High School. She is also the most popular girl at school. She was also the leader of all of the school musicals until Chyna showed up.

Lexi will do anything to get attention. For instance, in bad romANTs, Lexi tries hard to get Olive to put her on the cover of the school newspaper. She is Chyna's biggest rival at Webster High School and thinks of her as her competition and a threat. She is usually around Paisley or a mirror.

Lexi is portrayed by Stefanie Scott.


Lexi has proclaimed herself as the "Queen ANT" and a "Math Princess" instead of a "Math Nerd".

Lexi is shown to be self-centered, bossy, and superficial, believing she is the only person in the world who actually matters. She looks down on the other students, and even the teachers. Because of this, she often puts people down and tries to manipulate them. She is very protective of her popularity and doesn't like it when other talented people are around her. She tries to sabotage people for the sake of her popularity, such as Chyna and Abigail Timmons, but it usually backfires. She also considers socializing with certain people bad for her own popularity, like Cameron and the A.N.T.s. She is considered naturally beautiful and has won many beauty pageants in her childhood.

Due to her natural talent and prodigious skill, Lexi has developed a superiority complex. She thinks she is better than everyone and believes everyone is beneath her. She takes great pride in herself and seems to overestimate her own abilities. However, despite evolutionary intellect, Lexi would much rather be recognized for her beauty rather than her brains. She often acts like a bimbo and that she doesn't know anything. This is because Lexi always spends a lot of time on her appearance and hates it when someone acknowledges her for anything other than that. Nevertheless, in the Season 3 premiere "trANTsferred", Lexi is revealed to have her own Advanced Natural Talent. Zoltan Grundy discovers she is a math prodigy, and he admits her into his Z-Tech Prodigy School. Lexi claims that when you do a lot of shopping, you get good with numbers, explaining why she's good at math.

Paisley is Lexi's "Best Friend," but she is just as mean to her as she is to everyone else. She usually just uses Paisley for carrying her bags or buying her things. Also, she has stolen almost all of Paisley's boyfriends, as well as McKenna's. She rarely ever thanks her for anything she does, and when Paisley broke her arm, Lexi wrote on it, 'Hope Infection Sets In, Love Lexi". Lexi then pretended to break BOTH of her arms just to get more signatures on it than Paisley.

One of her catchphrases is, "Shut Up, Paisley!" and she tends to say "You've got to be kidding me!" when surprised or upset. She enjoys making all people, including Paisley, feel miserable about themselves. However, kindhearted Paisley still somehow likes her and instantly forgives her no matter what she does, presumably because she doesn't have the heart to end their relationship or take a break from it.


Lexi in episode 1

Lexi loves fashion and shopping. She has a girly taste and background. When she talks to her friends such as Paisley, Lexi has a sassy and girly tone. She also does a lot of makeovers and mani-pedis.

Physical Appearance[]

Lexi has fair skin, a perfect face, perfect cheekbones, luscious pink lips, and dimples in her cheeks. Her blonde, side-swept hair goes slightly past her shoulders and is usually curled and worn down, though she does straighten her hair and put her hair in braids or a ponytail occasionally. Lexi wears a lot of makeup, most likely to be only powder, lip-gloss, and mascara.

Lexi has a keen sense of fashion and spends a lot of time on her appearance. She constantly keeps a close eye on the latest fashion trends, which is one of her favorite things to do. Her style varies from girly to casual; she wears jeans, jackets, dresses, skirts, tank tops, high heels, sandals, and cardigans in many different colors and patterns.



Season 1

In TransplANTed, she knocks Chyna out of her chair. Later, she hosts a party at her house, at which Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive show up, much to her displeasure. When Chyna sings at the party, she is impressed yet jealous of her talent. At the end of the party, Olive spills blueberry yogurt all over her outfit, and she shrieks that her mom will kill her.

In ParticipANTs, it is revealed she is captain of the cheerleading squad. Chyna and Olive both try out for the squad, but only Chyna makes it, which is secretly part of her plan. Chyna becomes "friends" with Lexi, Paisley, and the other cheerleaders, while Olive feels abandoned by Chyna. Lexi overworks Chyna at practice, so Chyna gets injured and loses her voice due to too much cheering. At the school musical audition, Lexi does a musical number about candy, and Chyna does a method acting thing about not being a freak. Chyna gets the part, to Lexi's dismay.

In The PhANTom Locker, she appears briefly twice and tricks Cameron by telling him a lie about how to get rid of a person. She then appears when he realizes what she said wasn't true.

In SciANTs Fair, she makes Cameron go into the trash to look for her sunglasses, and they end of being in her backpack. Then, they find Principal Skidmore's cell phone and keep it for their advantage. She gives all of the foreign language teachers the week off. Then, she and Cameron find out that Skidmore made a reward for whoever finds the phone. At first, she wants to give it back for $50, saying she could buy 2 bottles of end of summer bronzer. But, Cameron convinces her to keep it longer so that they could get $100 and 4 bottles of end of summer bronzer. Then, she sees Skidmore talking to Cameron's dad and gets worried, making Cameron give the phone back, although they get caught and she tries to blame Cameron. However, Skidmore doesn't believe her and she gets into trouble in the end.

In StudANT Council, she denied Chyna's entrance to the school dance, forcing Chyna to run for Student Council which Chyna soon regrets.

In Bad RomANTs, she tries to get into the school newspaper by pretending to Be a hero.

In PhilANThropy, she was first seen crying because she won a beauty pageant by breaking a rule. The rule is that beauty pageant delegates are not allowed to cheat, and Lexi cheated by saying that she works with an old person when she actually doesn't. Mr. Busby, the beauty pageant judge, wanted to do an article on Lexi and the old person she takes care of, so Cameron disguises himself as an old man to back up Lexi's story.

In The ReplacemANT, after Olive becomes the new history teacher, she and Chyna get detention from "Ms. Doyle." Later, she pulls a prank in the history room.

In CANTonese Style Cuisine, she and Paisley try to figure out why she hasn't been invited to a fellow cheerleader's birthday party.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, she enters her dog Princess in Gibson's dog show. She dresses her dog in a matching princess dress and tiara and competed against Cameron. She tried to get Cameron disqualified because his dog was actually a cat dressed as a dog but was unsuccessful. And the end of the episode, she chased Princess as she was chasing the cat

In America Needs TalANT, she auditions for America Needs Talent, and she and Chyna are the only ones who get to go to Hollywood. When her bag is missing, she sets out with Paisley, dressed up as a maid, and find it. They find it in another man's room before she attacks someone for dropping her bronzer. Later, she tries to steal Chyna's song in which she fails to do so and ends up publicly humiliating herself on television instead. In the end, she and Chyna make up.

In SANTa's Little Helpers, she gets a job (along with Paisley) as gift wrappers at the mall (because she wants to get a butler). After Darryl runs out of the mall because Roxanne caught him spying on her, she ends up dressed as Santa Claus, having kids sit on her lap, with Paisley has an elf.

In Some EnchANTed Evening, after Coach Mandy passes away, Gibson coaches the cheerleading team, and Lexi (the head cheerleader) kicks him out of the team because he wasn't coaching the team properly for the Pom- Pom Cheer Olympics. Later at the Pom Cheer Olympics, Gibson brings his own team and coaches them, but at the end of the tournament, Lexi's team won.

In You're the One That I wANT, when Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, Lexi tries to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who doesn't want Chyna to fall for the leading man, Jared.

In PerformANTs, she tries to get backstage passes to a Blood Butcher concert, so she makes Cameron get the, for her. She ends up also enjoying the Happy Fuzzy Friends.

In Some EnchANTed Evening, she gets grossed out that Gibson is the new cheerleading coach, so she kicks him out and the team competes without him.

In PatANT Pending, she pretended to be injured to get lots of attention the way Paisley is. She goes from 2 broken arms, 2 broken arms with 2 broken legs, and an individual head.


Paisley Houndstooth[]

Main article: Laisley

Lexi and Paisley spend a lot of time together. Lexi often uses Paisley in her schemes to "get ahead". While Paisley doesn't know she's doing this, she seems more than happy to help her best friend. Lexi is sometimes jealous of Paisley and tries to "outdo" her. She also thinks Paisley is only useful to complement her. On certain occasions, however, Lexi is shown to genuinely care about Paisley deep down.

Chyna Parks[]

Main article: Chexi

Lexi and Chyna typically don't get along very well, as Lexi has injured Chyna merely to get the main role in the school play. Lexi is secretly jealous of Chyna because she feels that Chyna is so much better at everything than her, even when it comes to singing.

Chyna is more recognized for her talent. Lexi becomes irritated whenever anyone decides to challenge her status as the queen, causing her to target Chyna. Lexi has also manipulated Chyna on many occasions, always ruining her school experience.

They have been shown to be able to work together, and their interactions become less hostile and more friendly as the series goes on.

Olive Doyle[]

Main article: Lolive

Lexi has shown to strike fear into Olive, letting her know not to mess with her. Olive knows getting in Lexi's way means certain death, so she respects her position in the school's "hierarchy". Lexi tries to be "nice" to Olive, but only if she has something to gain. Lexi often manipulates Olive and uses her to get things she wants. Like many other people, Olive serves as one of Lexi's minions in order to avoid her wrath. Lexi loathes Olive because she is friends with Chyna, and often bullies her into submission.

Lexi thinks very little of Olive, believing her to be worthless. Lexi almost never deems her useful in any situation, except when it helps to improve Lexi's image, such as the newspaper.

Cameron Parks[]

Main article: Clexi

Cameron appears to have a crush on Lexi. They have worked on multiple "projects" together. Although she most likely sees him as much lower than her in the school "hierarchy", he has shown to "knock her down a peg" by calling her "plain and average" for example. Lexi could have a crush on Cameron. In idANTity Crisis, she had a dream she was attracted to Cameron.


Chad is the boyfriend/ex-boyfriend of Lexi. Zoltan asked Lexi how that was possible and she said "the other girls hate that I'm dating him and I love that, it's complicated." On the one week anniversary of Lexi's new hair cut, Chad didn't even send her flowers. Zoltan said to Winter "You just don't do that to a person" (Him and Lexi shook their heads wrongfully.)


Seth was Lexi's boyfriend in Product misplacemANT. He is the most good looking boy in the prodigy school, other than Dixon, whom Olive took from her. Lexi realizes Seth has an obsessive crush on a girl in a comic series and makes him quit liking it. However, when Lexi learns more about the girl in the comic, she starts to like it. So as Seth starts to become more 'hip' and 'cool', Lexi becomes a nerd. Later, she meets the actress who plays the girl in the comic. Lexi starts obsessing over her, making Seth annoyed. Seth and the girl start to go out, dumping Lexi.

Fletcher and Angus[]

Lexi has an on and off friendship with Fletcher and Angus. Even though, she bullies them all the time. But sometimes, she does care about them in their own way.


Princess is Lexi's pet dog.


Lexi appears in 59 episodes out of 62. The only episodes she doesn't appear in are replicANT, clairvoyANT, and managemANT.

Although, one can argue that she appears in 57 episodes, since none of the regular universe characters actually appear in mutANT farm 1 or 2.



  • Lexi is generally portrayed as the main antagonist of the series.
  • Lexi shares her birthdate with her actress Stefanie Scott.
  • She is the student body president, as revealed in StudANT Council.
  • She has dated Paisley's boyfriend Keith, which Paisley is not aware of. (Bad RomANTs)
  • She has been absent for 3 episodes in a row as of 20th August 2011.
  • Lexi comes from a really wealthy family.
  • Her dad takes her to the mall to go shopping.
  • She thinks Chyna is purposely trying to ruin her life.
  • She hates P.E because of all the makeup difficulty.
  • She is very competitive.
  • She loves being the center of attention.
  • Lexi's talent is math because she does a lot of shopping, which makes her great at numbers.
  • She has been with a football team at a dance.
  • Her best friend is Paisley Houndstooth.
  • She becomes an A.N.T in Season 3, which is ironic because she hates A.N.T.s.
  • In Season 3 it's revealed that she is a Math Prodigy, not a Musical Prodigy, even though she’s a really good singer.
  • Lexi's favorite genres of music are death, metal, hardcore punk, pop country & Armenian reggae.
  • She has been dumped for the first time, by Seth. ("Product misplacemANT")
  • Of all the ANTs, she seems to get along better with Fletcher and Angus.
  • She has a pet dog named Princess who is an English Mastiff. Princess only made one appearance in the series (IgnorANTs Is Bliss).
  • Lexi loves doing her hair, nails, and makeup.
  • Lexi is addicted to fashion.
  • Her favorite color is pink.


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