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Lauryn Alisa McClain
Lauryn McClain
Full Name

Lauryn Alisa McClain



Date of Birth

January 9, 1997 (age 27)

Place of Birth

Atlanta, Georgia

Eye Color


Hair Color

Black and Red


Singer, Actress, Model




Shontell McClain (mother)
IoIo McClain (father)
Sierra McClain (sister)
China Anne McClain (sister)
Gabriel Michael McClain (brother)

Lauryn Alisa McClain (born January 9, 1997) is the older sister of China Anne McClain. Her other siblings are Sierra Aylina McClain (born March 16, 1994) and Gabriel Michael McClain (April 17, 2001). Lauryn is one of the singers in The McClain Sisters.


Lauryn McClain comes from an artistic family. Her father, IoIo McClain, is a music producer, vocalist, writer and sound engineer. His first production was on Beyoncé as younger sister, Solange Knowles entitled Sky Away. Her mother, Shontell, is also a vocalist and songwriter. Lauryn has two sisters, Sierra (age 30) and China Anne (age 25) who can also act, sing, dance and write.

Early Age[]

Lauryn was in her first school musical when she discovered her love for singing and acting. She was once a very, shy girl; however, her appearance in her 1st film, The Gospel, left her wanting more. So she put away her stage fright and picked up a guitar. She hopes to one day play the instrument very well and write alternative songs like her mentor, Avril Lavigne. Lauryn wrote 10+ scenes for a comedic sitcom she created! Lauryn also loves to roller blade, read chapter books and perform with her sisters. She is also crazy about arts & crafts of all kinds! Lauryn wants to write, sing with her sisters, and someday be a veterinarian to fulfill her love for all animals. She appeared on A.N.T farm.

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