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Kumiko Hashimoto
Full Name

Kumiko Hashimoto


Kennedy Van Buren



Date of Birth

c. 1997



Eye Color


Hair Color



Mr. Hashimoto (father)


Fletcher Quimby (ex-boyfriend)


Z-Tech Prodigy School

First Episode


Last Episode

"meANT to be?"

Portrayed By

Piper Curda

Kumiko Hashimoto (aka Kennedy Van Buren) is a recurring character in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. She is a debate prodigy and student at Z-Tech Prodigy School. She's starting a political party, because she's going to be running for president in 2032. She thinks she can be the president of 2032, because she's in touch with the voters. She was dating Fletcher up until the episode finANTial crisis, where the episode reveals that she is the daughter of Hashimoto, who was sent to sabotage the Z-phones.

Season 3

In "trANTsferred", when Lexi asks Kennedy to go to her party, she talks about her political party and how she will become the President of the United States since she's in touch with the voters and such. When she asks about her party, Lexi says "never mind". Later on, when Lexi says, "At least Angus is doing the Cat Daddy", she says that the cat mommy is attacking him since he got too close to her kittens. When Lexi says this party is "getting lame", Kennedy says she would leave already, but the roomavator was temporarily broken.

In "secret agANT", Fletcher asks Kennedy out in order to make Chyna jealous. Kennedy accepts, but after doing a survey, discovers that the entire country dislikes Fletcher, and after Angus suggests it, she decides to have him change his name to Scott. Fletcher realizes that Kennedy is trying to change him, and attempts to break up with her, but she claims that she is not a quitter, and when Fletcher says he is, she says that's why he needs her and walks away, leaving Fletcher annoyed. Piper Curda said on her twitter that Fletcher and Kennedy will date again.

In "Unforeseen circumstANTs", she is still dating Fletcher. She obviously really likes him and looked excited when Chyna told her he was in love with her. Chyna tried to warn her that Fletcher intended to break up with him, but Kennedy misinterprets it as an attempt for Chyna to claim Fletcher for himself. Rather than break up with her, Fletcher says that she's the sweetest girlfriend ever. Fletcher then tells Chyna that he was so focused on how unlike Chyna Kennedy was, that he completely overlooked her positive qualities.

Hashimato fam

In "finANTial crisis", it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of Mr. Hashimoto and her real name is Kumiko Hashimoto. She attended Z-Tech Prodigy School to help infiltrate the school for her father. Despite this, she says she ended up liking the school and her friends, except for Fletcher.

In "meANT to be?" as a member of the Carbon Dating club. However, she is not referred to by name by any of the characters, and the credits still refer to her as Kennedy Van Buren. After Lexi finds the Carbon Dating club boring, she turns it into a cheerleading squad, and Kennedy/Kumiko becomes a member, alongside Seth.


  • The inspiration for her name is John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Van Buren, two past presidents.
  • Her actor, Piper Curda, also voiced Debby Kang on Disney XD's "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja," and played Jasmine on "I Didn't Do It".
  • Unless the law changes by 2032, Kumiko will never be able to actually become President of the United States, due to the fact that she was born in and originally from a country outside the United States (in her case Japan). One of the main requirements to become the US-president is that you had to have been born in a US-state or territory--or if you were born abroad, either one or both of your parents had to have been a legal US-citizen (and both of Kumiko's parents are presumably from Japan).