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"Jay to the Zeus"
Song by China Anne McClain
Venue: A.N.T. Farm
Genre(s): Rap
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Jay to the Zeus (also known as Jay to the Z) is the title of a rap that Chyna sang in the episode, You're the one that i wANT, when she decides that she wants to add songs to the Ancient Greece musical that Olive wrote.



China's "J Zeus Rap" From A.N.T Farm

Jay to the Zeus
Rocks the ones
And the twos
Got rhymes from alphas to zetas
And thunder for all of the haters
Pack lightning for those who dissent
Mount Olympus, y'all, represent


  • The song title is a reference to the famous rapper, Jay-Z.
  • This song was sang due to Chyna noticing that Olive had no music in the Ancient Greece musical.
  • The word Zeus in the title stands for the Greek god Zeus.
  • This is the 4th rap in the show.
  • Olive thought it deserved a "Holla!" at the end.