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"influANTces" is an episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It aired on February 1, 2013.


Chyna and the ANTs are tasked with creating a special project for Black History Month. As Chyna struggles to write a song for her presentation, she decides to lock herself in a recording booth until she comes up with a great song. After accidentally falling asleep, Chyna takes a dream journey back in time where she becomes famous African American music icons from the past, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Janet Jackson. Using her dream as inspiration, Chyna writes a new version of the "A.N.T. Farm" theme song, "Exceptional," with lyrics that pay tribute to the great women who came before her.





  • Chyna's dream is about African-American singers that represent Black History Month.
  • Fletcher thought Jack Black had his own month.
  • The memories on Olive's quilt were mostly embarrassing things that Fletcher did.
  • Lexi, Angus and Cameron appear in the ending scene as their own characters, However, Cameron did not talk, he just played the piano. In the rest of the episode, they appear as different characters in Chyna's dream.
  • Darryl doesn't appear in this episode but Finesse Mitchell does.
  • We learn Olive has a pet ferret named Bitey.
  • This is the first episode where a Hammond Organ is played for one of Chyna's performances (during her performance as Aretha Franklin).
  • This is the second time that someone in Chyna's family is mentioned, the first time is in Early retiremANT.
  • The outfit Chyna wore in the Janet Jackson part of her dream is similar to the outfits Jackson wore during the Control era of her career.
  • The suit Fletcher wore in Creative ConsultANTs is seen in the memory quilt. It also shows what appears to be a young Olive between the memories of Fletcher, which has to do with egg salad.
  • There also appears panels of Chyna and Cameron.
  • As Janet Jackson, Chyna appears when they were shooting the Thriller video. Michael also tells Tito to "Beat It", and that he can't stop looking at the "Man in the Mirror". Beat It and Man in the Mirror were also famous singles that Michael Jackson performed. He also asked a backup singer named Annie, "Annie, are you okay?" That is a repeating verse from his song, Smooth Criminal.
  • In the 3rd season, it is revealed that Olive sleeps with the memory quilt, and ironically, in a picture we can see that the bedspread on Jake Short (Fletcher)'s bed is the same, meaning he kept it and sleeps with it, or at least used to. He also kept an A.N.T. Farm jacket.
  • In this episode Jake Short let his country accent slip once again, in the line: I don't have TIME for your brain-teasers! (time being the twanged word).


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