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I can hear fine, but who are you..and who's Olive?
— A confused Olive asks Chyna

"ignorANTs is bliss" is the sixteenth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It aired on November 4, 2011.


When a deafening noise caused by Fletcher causes Olive to lose her memory, Chyna, Fletcher, and Angus go to great lengths to get her memory back before Principal Skidmore dismisses her from the A.N.T. Program and sends her back to kindergarten. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron enter Gibson's dog show.


Principal Skidmore forces Chyna to create a speech about the A.N.T. program for Parents Night. Chyna writes her speech on her A.N.T. pad, but then Cameron accidentally breaks it while playing a boxing game. Chyna tells Cameron that he has to pay $250 for her to get her A.N.T. pad repaired, so he enters a school dog show, with the grand prize being $300. Olive tells Chyna that she remembers every word of her speech, so Chyna tells her to go into the recording cubicle and repeat it. In a subplot Fletcher accidentally puts two wrong cords together, causing a piercing sound to go off in the recording cube. The loud sound causes Olive to lose her memory. Chyna takes Olive in the hallway, where she is trampled by high school kids. This brings her memory back, but she starts faking, acting like she still lost her memory, just to get a break from high school. Principal Skidmore decides to take her to kindergarten. Meanwhile, Cameron takes his Dad's police dog to school to enter in the dog show. After that goes wrong, Cameron decides to enter a cat dressed like a dog. Meanwhile, Chyna keeps going to kindergarten to visit Olive. The last time Chyna comes in, she realizes Olive has her memory back, and that she was faking all along. On Parents Night, Olive apologizes to Chyna and she forgives her. Skidmore accepts Olive back into the A.N.T. program. Then Cameron gets attacked by snuggles again after he gives Skidmore a heart attack.

Memorable Quotes[]

Olive: I'm sorry guys. I never should have lied to you.

Chyna: I'm just glad you're back!

Fletcher: Yeah, Chyna's just glad you're back.
Chyna: Well, thanks for bailing me out. And I want you to know I meant every word that I wrote.
Olive: And I meant every word that you wrote that I said.
Cameron: Snuggles is a sweetheart, as long as he doesn't hear the word A-T-T-A-C-K.
Lexi: A-t-t-a-c-k. Attack?

Cameron: NOOOO!! Snuggles starts attacking Cameron. Release, Snuggles, release!
Cameron: Snuggles stops attacking. Lexi, please don't say you-know-what again.
Gibson: Hey, this isn't working, do either of you have a tack?

Cameron: NOOOO!! Snuggles starts attacking Cameron again.
Principal Skidmore: Oh my goodness! You almost gave me...a...heart...attack.
Cameron: Snuggles starts attacking Cameron again as earlier on in the episode. NOOOO!!





  • This episode was filmed on July 8, 2011.
  • Part of the script from this episode was leaked onto the internet, but wasn't used in the final cut.
  • Running Gag: People saying "attack" causing Snuggles to attack Cameron.
  • Olive was put into kindergarten
  • This is the second time Lexi says "... is merely a formality" in the first season.
  • Snuggles was not in the dog show but appeared when Skidmore said attack.
  • It would actually be difficult to write "poop" instead of "poor" because "r" is typed with the left hand and "p" is with the right. Unless Chyna had spell check.
  • Chyna says Skidmore had her raven follow Chyna all day but it wasn't there when she was talking to Angus.
  • Similar events in this episode happened in the Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Curb Your Dragon"
  • In Wizards Of Waverly Place, they enter a dog show. Justin kept on saying that you can't say F-L-Y. In this episode, Cameron can't say A-T-T-A-C-K. Also when the cat exits the room, all the dogs follow after it. In Wizards Of Waverly Place, when they saw the tiger the dogs chased after it. And also, it could be coincidental because it was at a dog show too.
  • The phone Cameron is holding is the same as Principal Skidmore's phone he stole in SciANTs Fair.
  • After Olive gives the speech, Chyna asks Olive if she wants to hang out after school, however it is clearly nighttime and school would already be over. Of course, Chyna might have meant to hang out after school the next day.
  • Gibson falling on the floor because of stomping the grapes too fast is a reference to "Grape Lady Falls."
  • Cameron says his father is making him pay for Chyna's ANTpad even though Chyna in the previous scene told him too.


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