Fletcher, there's no Federal Anti-Frozen Yogurt Personality Theft Commission we can alert! Everyone knows the F.A.F.Y.P.T.C was shut down due to budget cuts.

idANTity crisis is the nineteenth episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It aired on April 5, 2013.


Chyna discovers that Skidmore has been extracting all the ANTs personalities with a fro-yo machine, and tries to save them but they accidentally switch bodies. Meanwhile, Lexi keeps dreaming she is in love with Cameron and is almost about to kiss him.



Memorable Quotes

In the A.N.T Farm

Olive: Skidmore's outta control, "I'm Skidmore, I'm pure evil! I ate a kitten for breakfast!"
Fletcher: Olive that was the worst Skidmore impression I've ever heard.

Chyna: Yeah, that sounds nothing like Skidmore, it's more like: "Back in my day we respected our Elders because there were only two of them." Laughs
In the A.N.T Farm

Skidmore: I got the school a yogurt machine because I realised I needed to be nicer to you A.N.Ts.
Fletcher: Let me guess, fifty bucks for a small.

Skidmore: Shove it! I mean.. uh. Hush little one.

Freaky Freakend


  • In Australia this episode is called AbsANT Minded
  • There have been a few fourth wall moments in the episode, such as mention of the title sequence and Chyna responding to the narration of the episode
  • This was the last episode to feature Violet


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