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"I'm a Baby"
Song by China Anne McClain featuring Sierra McCormick and Claire Engler
Released: InfANT
Venue: Webster High School Cafeteria
Length: 0:40
Previous: "Chyna's Lullaby"
Next: "Dancing by Myself"

I'm a Baby is a song that Chyna Parks and her friends come up with to try to fool Principal Skidmore into thinking that Sebastian can sing. The central message of the song describes how babies shouldn't be pushed to have extraordinary talents, but to just be themselves while they're young. Besides the italicized stage directions, the words in parentheses are the words that Olive and Violet sing as Sebastian's background singers.


I'm a baby
(He's a baby)
So, don't push me
(Unless he's in a stroller)
I'm a baby
(He's a baby)
Don't try to change me
(Unless he made a boom-boom)
I'm a baby
Yes, I'm a baby
That's right, I'm a baby
Just let me be a baby
I'm a baby

Skidmore: No, you're not!
(No, she's not)
Chyna: (talking): Principal Skidmore, I can explain
(She can try, but it won't be very convincing)