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San Francisco


Music producer (former)
Restaurant owner

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Cameron Parks
Chyna Parks
Fletcher Quimby
Olive Doyle
Vanessa LaFontaine

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Matt Lowe

Oswald “Hippo” is a recurring character in A.N.T. Farm. He is a music producer who first appeared in the episode ManagemANT. He calls himself "the creepy guy in the music business" and "the creepy guy in the restaurant business". He is always wearing tracksuits. When he was first introduced to Chyna, she thought his name was "Hip O." because he dresses so hip and his name started with an "O". However, Hippo claims it's just because he's fat and sits in the hot tub with only his eyes showing, similar to a hippo. He eats a lot and even drinks gravy. He's usually seen with some sort of snack in his hand. He does anything to make people famous, and he made Chyna dress up like snack foods (i.e., cheese sticks, etc.) and has a weird sense of fashion and a weird sense of people becoming famous. He always has two "hot" young women following him wearing "hip" clothing. He joined the restaurant business because the music business was full of creepy guys in tracksuits, which is what he wears all the time.

In Modeling AssignmANT, Lexi gets a job at Hippo's new restaurant and Olive and Fletcher encourage Hippo to choose a dining theme. His restaurant themes include Hippo's Baseball Stadium, Hippo's Alcatraz Bistro, and Hippo Circus

In ANTswers, Vanessa LaFontaine models for his new restaurant and makes Lexi furious because she isn't modeling, and he makes Lexi wear weird and "unfashionable" clothes. His restaurant themes include Hippo's House of Borsche and Hippo's House of Science. Hippo also was thinking of doing a theme where everyone destroyed everything and a Canadian theme that would serve Chow Main and play Backgammon.

In SignificANT Other there was an International House of Whatever (based off of International House of Pancakes/IHOP) or IHOW and unknown if he owned it. So far the IHOW's only specified theme is balls.

In MutANT Farm 2, he has a costume shop called Hippo's House of Halloweenies where he dressed up as a cat. Unlike other episodes where they were just restaurant themes, this one was a costume shop and a restaurant.

In ScavANTger Hunt his theme was an antique shop called Hippo's Scavenger Hunt Emporium from his grandmother's attic. This is the first one where it wasn't a restaurant or where Lexi works there. He had a restaurant called Hippo's Haunted Coffee House but closed down due to him dumping hot coffee by scaring customers. It is possible that the restaurant was between Hippo's House of Halloweenies and Hippo's House of Antiques. Later on, in the episode, he had to close down because his grandmother was napping so he opened up Hippo's Delicious Apple Store a store that sold apples.

In Early RetiremANT his possible IHOW appears again.

RestaurANTeur reveals that he does, in fact, own IHOW.



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